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  Small Town Tennessee History, Ghosts and Bigfoot

Paranormal Conversations are random, off-the-cuff discussions on all things paranormal. On this 21st Paranormal Conversation, we are joined by our listener Clint Hopper. Clint lives in the small town of Troy, Tennessee and his family's roots are deep h...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 542 - Haunted Mystic

Mystic, Connecticut was a seafaring village in the early settlement of America. This was the scene of a horrific massacre that more than likely has left behind a negative spiritual residue. That residue leaves many believing that this is a cursed place...
  History Goes Bump author

  Lemp Mansion Redux

The Lemp family and lager beer go hand in hand. What started out as a grocery business, grew into a beer empire in St. Louis, Missouri that brought success and wealth to the Lemp family. But what almost endures more in regards to the Lemp family are th...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 541 - Hotel Chelsea

The Hotel Chelsea refers to itself as "A Rest Stop for Rare Individuals" and indeed, it has hosted some famous creatives. Today it is a luxury hotel, but when it began, this was one of the first forays into attracting the upper class to rent apartments...
  History Goes Bump author

  Phantasmal Crime 35 - The Death of Paul Bern

Jean Harlow was known as the "Original Blonde Bombshell." In 1932, she married Paul Bern, a screenwriter, director and assistant at MGM Studios. It was an odd match and would end when Bern apparently committed suicide. Or did he? Could he have been mur...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 540 - Edinburgh Manor

The Joker isn't just a comic book villain. This is an entity said to reside at the Edinburgh Manor in Scotch Grove, Iowa and he too seems to be a villain. The manor was once a poor farm and as we have found through the years, these locations tend to co...
  History Goes Bump author

  Hotel Jerome Redux

Hotel Jerome is located in the heart of the city of Aspen in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The luxury hotel provides high end amenities in a truly historic building. The hotel was built by a man who wanted it to be a model of excellence for years to...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 539 - The Drover's Inn

The Drovers Inn has stood for over 300 years and is one of Scotland's oldest and most haunted pubs. This establishment was named for the highland drovers, which were cattle drivers. Over the years, thousands of people have stayed here. Some have experi...
  History Goes Bump author

  Tarot, Elementals and Investigating with Death Becomes Us

Paranormal Conversations are random, off-the-cuff discussions on all things paranormal. On this 20th Paranormal Conversation, we have our first returning guest, paranormal investigator Dr. Melissa Morgan. She joined us previously with her brother to ta...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 538 - The Haunting of Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a world renowned psychoanalyst and although he was a man of science, he embraced the unusual readily. Not only did Jung develop the theory of synchronicity, but he was a big fan of the occult and studied the ways that mythology affected p...
  History Goes Bump author