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  HGB Anniversary Special 9

On October 1, 2014, History Goes Bump dropped its first episode. It was a dream come true. Over the past 9 years, we have featured thousands of locations. More than any other podcast out there. And thanks to our listeners, we have produced episodes on ...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 506 - Haunted Portugal

Portugal sits right along the coast of Spain and while Spain overshadows it in size, the history of Portugal is vast. A mix of cultures have lived and ruled here for centuries. The country became a leader in exploration of the world and thus a principa...
  History Goes Bump author

  Phantasmal Crime 28 - Finding the Bodies

We often wonder why spirits stay behind in haunted locations. Many times the answer is that some sort of trauma was experienced. And digging even deeper, we sometimes find that a spirit is at unrest because their case hasn't been solved or even perhaps...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 505 - Haunted Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska is the home of the Cornhuskers and its also the state's capitol city. The Sower stands atop the tower of the Capitol Building, preparing to toss some seeds to businesses and neighborhoods below. Some refer to the area as fly over coun...
  History Goes Bump author

  Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Redux

There's no missing the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It stands tall along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles with a bright red neon sign on top announcing to the world that it is Hotel Roosevelt. This is Los Angeles oldest continually operating hotel. The...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 504 - Legends of Dartmoor

Dartmoor is located in an upland area of southern Devon, England. Much of the area is protected by a National Park and it has the largest concentration of Bronze Age ruins in the United Kingdom. This land has been an inspiration to many writers. The la...
  History Goes Bump author

  Phantasmal Crime 27 - The Rose Family Murders

Not too far from Malabar Farm State Park in Ohio sits Pleasant Valley Cemetery. One marble grave marker stands a bit higher than the rest of the headstones around it and across the top is embossed the family name Rose. This marks the final resting plac...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 503 - Maine's Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport is a Maine town that goes back hundreds of years. This coastal resort town plays host to several haunted inns. The Kennebunkport Captains Collection in Maine are four historic homes that had belonged to the Captain Daniel Walker family. T...
  History Goes Bump author

  Shanley Hotel Redux

In this redux episode, Kelly and Diane explore the Shanley Hotel. The Shanley Hotel is one of New York's most haunted hotels and is located in Napanoch, nestled among the beautiful woods of the Shawangunk Mountains in the historic and mysterious Hudson...
  History Goes Bump author

  Ep. 502 - USS Salem

The USS Salem was the flagship of the 6th Fleet and is nicknamed "The Sea Witch." She was first launched in 1947 as a Naval cruiser and was fortunate to never see any battle. But that didn't keep her from being linked to death with reports of onboard d...
  History Goes Bump author