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  Is That Real?

AUDIO - Processing 16 hours worth of children asking 'Is that real?' can really make youThe postIs That Real? appeared first onMeddling With Nature.
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author

  A Dissection, revisited

This week we ran into a few kinks with the podcast, Jeremy blames Dan, Dan blames Mike, Mike blames Nate and, Nate blames Aristole; I blame all of them. Don’t fret, my dear listener, you’ll still get your weekly Meddling with Nature fix, we put all the...
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author

  Conversations of the Heart – Part 2

In the second half of Conversations of the Heart Nate, Jeremy and Corinna get a bit more in depth about the electric slide, consciousness, communication, and what is really going on inside our bodies. So, if you love neurons, medical studies, and the s...
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author

  Conversations of the Heart

Follow your heart and trust your gut, this week we are going to be exploring the concept that our brain isn’t the only controlling force in our body. Maybe, just maybe, forefathers of medicine weren’t so wrong after all! Conversations of the heart was ...
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author

  Intelligence in The Animal Kingdom

The postIntelligence in The Animal Kingdom appeared first onMeddling With Nature.
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author

  Form-making and Pattern-making

Discussing the relation between formbuilding for taxidermy and patternmaking for fashion design (part 1): Fashionable prognostications and more discussion of the art and process formbuilding (part 2):The postForm-making and Pattern-making appeared firs...
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author

  Food As Utility

Turn the lights on. check. Grab yourself a glass of water. check. Get that A/C running because it’s hot as a mother elephants underbelly in here. check. Thankfully we have all these convenient utilities to make our podcast listening time a little more ...
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author

  Beyond the Beef Curtains

Meat grown in labs? Why does facon need to taste like bacon? Why do we do such a bad job coming up with adjectives for the taste of various non-cow/pig/chicken meats, and who eats more grain; the mighty cow or the mighty vegetarian? This week we set th...
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author

  Death Disposed: part 2

The stunning conclusion to Part 1 of Death Disposed has finally arrived! Unfortunately like most of our discussions there is no REAL conclusion here…but what else is new. Join us for Part 2 of a discussion about what happens to the body of the deceased...
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author

  Meddling With Nature Shorts: Barside Chats- knocked up at a funeral

It’s a bonus episode! In the first of a series that we’re gonna call “The Barside Chats” Corinna heads out to the patio of her favorite local bar and chats with friends, Elisabeth Hieber, John Lynch and Sara Crandall. It starts with funeral tips and qu...
  Meddling With Nature Podcast author