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  Towards Real Global Collaboration

The time may finally be upon us when the knowledge shared on the internet will NOT just be written in North America or Europe, but rather from continents like South America, Africa and Asia. In what is not just a goal but a rising reality, we will hear...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

  Movement Strategy: The Way Forward for Wikimedia

Welcome to a special series entitled - Source Code Berlin the Summer Sessions - Where we explore whats going on in the Wikimedia Galaxy or Free Knowledge Community around the world... looking specifically at what has been going on in 2018 thus far. Ove...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

  Goodbye Smart Cities, Hello Rebel Cities

As the year winds down, we're cracking open the SCB archives for some of our unpublished gems. Today's great conversation was recorded at SHA 2017.. better known as hacker camp. My guest is a legendary voice in the field of technology and civic engagem...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

  Heart of Code: A Womens* Hackspace in Berlin

Harassment. The treatment of women. Abuse of power and privilege. If 2017 will be remembered for any one topic, it will involve one or all of these. Today on the program, we going to a very special place, to learn about an initiative that focuses on wo...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

  Voices from the Wikimedia Diversity Conference

What does diversity mean to members of the Wikimedia Community from virtually every corner of the world? What does it include? What are the challenges and the benefits that diversity brings to this movement? Today on the podcast, we're in Stockholm lis...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

  Danger Ahead: Countdown to EU Copyright Reform

Today on the podcast we will take another plunge into the murky waters of copyright in the EU and look at the radical changes that seem to be a done deal… with help from Christopher Clay… a researcher, veteran of the EU policy scene who handles commun...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

  David Richfield: The Power of Wikimania

The summer may be over, but the memorable events and the inspiring ideas of the past few months carry on in the months and perhaps even years to come. One such event, as you heard a bit about in the previous episode, was Wikimania 2017 in Montreal. Clo...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

  Ideas and Objectives from Wikimania 2017

It is time once again for the annual gathering that brings together wikipedians and free knowledge enthusiasts from across the globe to discuss projects and issues that are relevant to the present and future of the most widely used internet resource on...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

  Rethinking The New User Experience

Being the newbie in any online community can be a daunting experience that can either go well or terribly depending on an array of technical and social factors. In the Wikipedia ecosystem, stimulating and keeping new editors has long been a topic of in...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author

  Global Innovation Gathering: From Berlin With Love

We’re back again with a GIG edition of the podcast, as the global network becomes an organization, and the cross section of projects moves from theoretical to practical. 2017 is a momentous year for this group of people and the work they are passionate...
  Mark Fonseca Rendeiro author