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  Basotect: An intelligent foam with many applications

Basotect is an intelligent foam which, thanks to its versatility, can be used in simple as well as technically demanding applications. It can be used for cleaning hard surfaces, as a sound absorber in sound studios or as thermal and sound insulation in...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author

  A potato with a special starch

This is a special edition of BASF's audio magazine for innovations on the occasion of the EU approval for commercial cultivation of the starch potato Amflora. With the help of plant biotechnology BASF developed a special potato named Amflora. The starc...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author

  iGloss: Scratch-resistant clearcoat for cars

The new, extremely scratch-resistant clearcoat iGloss not only provides auto bodies with a brilliant and robust exterior, but also gives them even longer-lasting scratch resistance. To achieve this leap forward, the researchers modeled their work on na...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author

  Achieving Climate Protection with Eco-efficiency

Every product leaves some ecological traces behind. But how can you record all of the relevant ecological criteria involved in the production and use of a product? This is a question that BASF has already been working on for many years, and it has deve...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author

  Chemistry makes solar energy more economical

As a part of the future energy mix with other energy sources solar energy can make a sustainable contribution towards a low carbon society. In the production and improvement of the photovoltaic technology chemistry plays an important role. New kinds of...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author

  Option for Climate Protection - Gas Scrubbing captures CO2 from Flue Gases

In order that less CO2 is emitted into the air, we have to use fossil fuels in a more economic and efficient way. But in the future, there could also be an additional way to avoid CO2 emissions. BASF is developing technologies with which the CO2 can be...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author

  Plant Health - Fit with Fungicides

In the agricultural industry plant diseases such as fungal attacks can seriously damage the production of foodstuffs. According to estimates, more than 40% of the crop yields that are theoretically achievable are lost because of threats such as plant d...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author

  Lithium Ion Batteries - The Energy Store of the Future

In comparison to other battery types, lithium-ion batteries have some major advantages. For one, they are the most efficient battery on the market right now. In order to make a decisive improvement on today's technology, BASF, together with other compa...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author

  Chemistry makes wind energy more economical

It is generally less well known that modern wind turbines would hardly be conceivable without innovative solutions in chemistry. The huge rotor blades can be up to 60 meters long and are subjected to enormous dynamic stress. Here chemistry comes into p...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author

  Food Fortification - Using Vitamins to Counter Malnutrition

According to UNICEF, 40 to 60 percent of children and young people in developing nations are affected by a lack of vitamin A. This makes it the most widespread form of malnutrition. Micro-encapsulated vitamin A that is added to staple foods such as oil...
  BASF SE - Corporate Innovation Communications author