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  067 Swift

Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple. In this episode, we will go through some of the basic language attributes such as var, let, control flow, optionals, closures and class.
  Sayanee author

  066 ES2015

ES2015 is the next version of standardised JavaScript. In this episode, we will use Babel JS as the transpiler to code in ES2015. We will go through some features like const, let, map, set, array and string functions as well as promises. Refer to the b...
  Sayanee author

  065 Atom

Atom is a hackable text editor. In this episode, we will go through the various settings, packages, themes and also create a super simple package.
  Sayanee author

  064 Redis

in-memory data structure store
  Sayanee author

  063 Socket IO

Socket IO is a framework based on Web Sockets that enables real-time communication with duplex connection over TCP. In this episode, we will play with the technology Web Socket and learn how to emit and receive events from a server or client. Finally, ...
  Sayanee author

  062 Mocha

Mocha is a JavaScript testing library for node and browser. In this episode we will learn how to use mocha with the assertion library chai and use it with hooks, asynchronous test, various reporters and options. Finally we will also learn how to do a s...
  Sayanee author

  061 Docker

Docker is a platform for distributed apps. We will learn how to create isolated environment for apps based on docker. We will create 2 simple apps with nginx and nodejs with various docker commands and see how we can replicate that exact environment.
  Sayanee author

  060 Gulp

Gulp is a streaming build system. In this episode we will go through the basics of installing gulp with a few tasks as well as watching the tasks while we develop.
  Sayanee author

  059 Git Flow

Git Flow is a git branch model. In this episode, we will create a git repository and then add the git flow branching model to it. We will also explore how to start a feature, hotfix of a release with the command line or SourceTree App. Finally, we will...
  Sayanee author

  058 RSpec

RSpec is a testing tool for ruby programming language. In this episode, we will explore some common features of testing ushc as matchers, hooks, factories for initialising data and stubs.
  Sayanee author