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  Bayer Researches New Varieties of Wheat

By combining conventional plant breeding and modern DNA analysis, Bayer researchers are working to improve the properties of wheat. The aim is for the wheat to be able to withstand heat, wind and drought, thus safeguarding harvests.
  Bayer Corporation author

  Artificial Muscles Revolutionize Video Games

It is used in headphones, gamepads and the iPod accessory mophie pulse. It's name: ViviTouch. A kind of artificial muscle that really makes video games and sounds come alive. The technology behind it: electroactive polymers. Developed by the Bayer subs...
  Bayer Corporation author

  "Earthquake wallpaper" can save lives

Recent tests show that a glass fiber wallpaper in conjunction with a special Bayer adhesive made from polyurethane can preserve the collapse of building walls in the event of an earthquake. This innovation could be a lifesaver for people living in eart...
  Bayer Corporation author

  Getting the protective factor pain under control

Pain is an important warning signal for the body. If it becomes chronic, it loses its warning function. That's why it is important to immediately combat pain. Acetylsalicylic acid, the active ingredient in Aspirin, helps people get pain under control a...
  Bayer Corporation author

  How people in megacities are fed

More and more people are going to live in megacities. At the same time, an ever-smaller number of farmers has to supply them with food. In addition, agricultural production is being threatened by climate change and fungi. Bayer has now found a new weap...
  Bayer Corporation author

  Bayer Materials in Record-breaking Solar Impulse Plane

With its expertise and high-tech materials, Bayer MaterialScience is part of the team that aims to fly around the world in a solar-powered plane.
  Bayer Corporation author

  New process for the production of plastics can replace oil with carbon dioxide

Bayer has launched a pilot plant in Leverkusen which uses carbon dioxide for the production of plastics with the help of a new catalyst.
  Bayer Corporation author

  New dimensions in light

Flexible coatings from Bayer make surfaces light up - without the use of light bulbs or LEDs. The technology delivers glare-free light with uniform brightness over its entire surface, creating a unique mood.
  Bayer Corporation author