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  Secrets to successful career: Interview with Vice-Rector Jouko Väänänen

  Stream it from here: It is important to think “What is the big goal that I am trying to do?” – Jouko Väänänen How often should you apply for grants? How much time are you supposed to use on grant applications? What is the single most important thing ...
  Vadim author

  Protected: Self-exploration in Constantly Changing Environment – Interview with Nandita Kumar

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
  Vadim author

  How to aim for the top and other secrets for success in science: an interview with Professor Emeritus Erkki Oja

  Stream it from here: Download mp3 from here. In this episode I have the honour of introducing you to one of the giants of unsupervised machine learning and more generally of mathematics applied to statistical algorithms, Professor Emeritus Erkki Oja....
  Vadim Kulikov author

  Protected: How Does Music Influence Brain? Interview with Cognitive Scientist of Music Perception Mari Tervaniemi

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
  Vadim Kulikov author

  Art vs. Mathematics and How to Get Something from Nothing: An interview with Markus Rissanen

I wrote previously about Markus Rissanen when I still didn’t know him personally. Markus is a professional artist who has been fascinated by tilings and their mathematical properties such as symmetries and regularities ever since he was very young. As ...
  Vadim Kulikov author

  How to Turn 5 Seconds a Year into Unlimited Source of Motivation: An interview with Professor Emeritus Olli Martio

For no less than 25 years out of his career, Olli Martio (born 1941) was a chair of one of the mathematics departments in Finland: at the universities of Jyväskylä and Helsinki. He retired seven years ago, but he hasn’t stopped working nor making groun...
  Vadim Kulikov author

  Art as sanity coping and how to follow your passion: An interview with Ewa Wilczynski

Stream it from here: Download it from here In this episode I interview Ewa Wilczynski.
  Vadim Kulikov author

  Understanding Abstract Thinking: An Interview with Rafael Núñez

How did the invention of fire accelerate the evolution of language? Would extraterrestrial aliens have similar mathematics as us? How mathematical thinking is possibly augmented by the same mechanisms as those that allow us to talk about time spatially...
  Vadim Kulikov author

  How to be the Artist You Want: An Interview with Bella Volen

Stream it from here: Download the mp3 file by right-clicking here. Bella Volen is a Bulgarian born artist based in Vienna, Austria. She creates amazing art installations through painting on virtually everything: canvas, humans, balloons, guitars, walls...
  Vadim Kulikov author