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  We have our own Channel!

Find us wherever you listen to your podcasts by searching for "We are ETH"
  ETH Zurich author

  Looking back

ETH Podcast is going on a creative break and will reappear with a new concept next year.
  ETH Zurich author

  We Are ETH: George Szpiro

George Szpiro is an Israeli-Swiss applied mathematician and journalist who made a name for himself as the author of popular mathematical essays and books.
  Ellie Media author

  Diagnosing diseases with a puff of breath

Zurich Exhalomics – a team working on the future of diagnostics, where illnesses can be diagnosed using no more than a breath sample.
  ETH Zurich author

  We Are ETH: Anette Freytag

Anette Freytag, a Landscape Architect currently at Rutgers University and formerly with ETH Zurich, explains why landscape architecture is not only a discipline, but an attitude and a way of life.
  Ellie Media GmbH author

  Discover how landscapes sound

The creaking of the shimmering Morteratsch Glacier, the rumbling of ash-coloured dams, and the steady sloshing of water in grey-blue Zurich reservoirs...
  ETH Zurich author

  We Are ETH: Felix Seidel

Felix Seidel is a Data Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Caltech. He shares with us how ETH Zurich influenced him, and continues to be important for him today.
  ETH ZĂĽrich author

  We Are ETH: Gisbert Schneider

Gisbert Schneider – winner of the Ernst Schering Price 2022 – worked in various places before his professional path led him to ETH, where he now heads the Singapore-ETH Centre.
  Ellie Media author

  From Cubicle to Limelight

Scientists often are either in the lab or at their desks - researching, thinking, writing, reading, and analysing discoveries. What happens if their expertise aligns with current affairs in the media?
  ETH Zurich author

  Faktencheck Energie: Folge 1

Teure Rohstoffpreise wegen des Ukrainekriegs und der steigende Energieverbrauch aufgrund neuer digitaler Technologien wie Blockchain schüren die Angst vor Strom-Engpässen oder gar flächendeckenden Ausfällen.
  ETH Zurich author