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  The Hyper-Curious Billionaire - Jim Simons (1938-2024)

This podcast marks the passing of James Harris Simons, better-known as Jim.The interviewees are John Ewing, David Eisenbud and Andrew Millis.The Simons Foundation - https://www.simonsfoundation.orgSimons Foundation article about Jim’s life - https://ww...
  Numberphile Podcast author

  A Very Bad Estimator - with Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth is unquestionably a legend of computer science and mathematics - but he is bad at estimation and grew up with a “rhinoceros attitude”.Don Knuth’s homepage - Art of Computer Programming (books)...
  Numberphile Podcast author

  The Math of Movies - with Walt Hickey

Data journalist Walt Hickey looks deep into the numbers behind movies, TV shows, and all types of popular culture.Walt’s new book is You Are What You Watch -’s Website - https://walthickey.comNumlock News - https://www.numlo...
  Numberphile Podcast author

  Finding Your Place - with Federico Ardilla

Federico Ardilla is a combinatorialist at San Francisco State University. He’s Columbian and in this episode he talks candidly about the struggles and prejudice encountered by people from different backgrounds as they try to make their mark in academia...
  Numberphile Podcast author

  Yes, I accept the Fields Medal - with James Maynard

Oxford mathematician James Maynard explains why he feared accidentally refusing the most famous prize in mathematics. Watch this full interview on YouTube - Full 2022 Fields Medal Winners -
  Numberphile Podcast author

  An A-Class Reject - with Ed Copeland

He dreamed of being a great cricketer - but his love for equations led Ed Copeland to a career in theoretical physics.Check out opportunities with episode sponsor Jane StreetEd Copeland at the University of NottinghamNumberphile videos with EdSome phys...
  Numberphile Podcast author

  A Chain of Chance - with Michael Merrifield

Episode sponsored by Jane Street - check out their latest opportunities - Professor Michael Merrifield - Mike's Twitter - Mi...
  Numberphile Podcast author

  Finding a Path - with Tatiana Toro

Professor Toro is the new director of the Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute (SL Math). SL Math website - Announcement of Professor Toro's appointment -
  Numberphile Podcast author

  An Educated Adult - with Tadashi Tokieda

Tadashi at Stanford - Tadashi videos on Numberphile - Lev Davidovich Landau - Y...
  Numberphile Podcast author

  The Orchid Room and Cancer - with Hannah Fry

Professor Hannah Fry discusses her cervical cancer diagnosis - and subsequent attempt to make sense of it all. Making Sense of Cancer - Showing on BBC2 on June 2 and then on BBC iPlayer - Telegraph Article - ...
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