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  Are Community Land Trusts Transformative?

Community land trusts are proliferating across the globe, promoted as a potential solution to the ever-worsening affordable housing crisis. CLTs provide a mechanism for decommodification, collective ownership, and community control; however, those idea...
  Ross Beveridge, Markus Kip, Mais Jafari, Nitin Bathla, Julio Paulos, Nicolas Goez, Talja Blokland author

  On Peripheralisation

How do “peripheries” form? And how does urbanization generate processes of peripheralization? Today, urban research is increasingly confronted with processes of extended urbanization that unfold far beyond cities and agglomerations: novel patterns of u...
  Metaxia Markaki, Faiq Mari author

  Inside the Women Life Freedom Movement in Iran

Listen to this gripping account from the current „Women Life Freedom“ movement in Iran and its impact on cities and its inhabitants. The movement was sparked by the killing of Mahsa Jina Amini in the custody of the Islamic regime’s „morality police“ in...
  "Neda" and colleagues author

  Forums of Discussion: sub\urban - journal for critical urban research

Having just celebrated the 10th anniversary of the important German-language journal for critical urban research, Ross speaks with sub\urban editorial members Gala Nettelbladt and Nina Gribat about why it is important to publish urban research in Germa...
  Ross Beveridge & Markus Kip author

  Book Review Roundtable: Art & Climate Change

The book provides an overview of ecologically conscious contemporary art that responds to today’s environmental crisis, from species extinction to climate change. Art and Climate Change collects a wide range of artistic responses to our current ecologi...
  Nitin Bathla author

  Planetary Urbanization (Urban Concepts Series)

Urbanization has become central in recent political discourses, as well as a contested concept in experts' spheres. This podcast of the Urban Political delves into the phenomenon of urbanization and traces back how the idea of "expanding cities" is cau...
  Nicolas Goez author

  Dispatch from RC21 Conference 2022 – Ordinary cities in exceptional times

The RC21 Conference 2022, “Ordinary cities in exceptional times,” was held in Athens from August, 24 to 26. A large group of participants from all over the world gathered for was the first in-person conference of the RC21 network since the start of the...
  Nitin Bathla, Markus Kip & Julio Paulos author

  Dispatch from INURA Conference 2022 in Luxemburg

The 30th annual INURA Conference entitled "Small State Big Transitions” was held in Luxembourg from June 25 to 28. Over 60 participants gathered at the conference to learn about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to celebrate the 30 years INURA. This ye...
  Nitin Bathla author

  Landscapes of Care and Control

This episode looks at urban landscapes of care and control that emerged during the pandemic in Santiago de Chile (Chile), Bogotá (Colombia) and Berlin (Germany). It is a comparative conversation on the urban impasse of state interventions and everyday ...
  Talja Blokland & Nina Margies author

  Book Review Roundtable: Fragments of the City: Making and Remaking Urban Worlds

In this episode moderated by Nitin Bathla, the author Colin McFarlane discusses his recent book Fragments of the City with the critics Theresa Enright, Tatiana Thieme, and Kevin Ward. In analyzing the main arguments of the book, Theresa discusses the r...
  Nitin Bathla author