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  Season 04 Episode 04 Mr Monk Comes Out At the Office

Monk really comes out of his shell and is a decent bowler. 2 things we never expected to say about Monk.
  Arielle Goldman and Alan White author

  It's a Gift and a Podcast: Season 04 Episode 03: Mr Monk and His Absolutely Valid Reaction To The Flu

Our ignominious return! Stottlemeyer and Monk had some good chemistry in this episode Natalie's line about the great ones playing hurt is total BS. Natalie totally burned Monk when he asked her to do her job and she replied, "I'm busy doing yours." ...
  Arielle Goldman and Alan White author

  Season 04 Episode 02: Mr Monk and the Frankenstein Who Never Broke Character

An Ambrose episode! Yay! It's not as good as the last one, but we make do.  We cover a Halloween episode on the 4th of July.
  Arielle Goldman and Alan White author

  Season 04 Episode 01 and the Older Doughier Jason Biggs

Hear me out. Jason Alexander in a linen suit. Ok. But what if he's wearing a wetsuit underneath it? WHAT IF... He wears a life jacket on the wetsuit underneath a linen suit? See? I didn't even mention that he huffs dog poop in the episode.
  Alan White and Arielle Goldman author

  Season 03 Episode 16: Mr Monk and the Cutest Episode

We spent a good while fawning over the cuteness of this kid (and his twin brother). Alan's daughter is BEYOND spoiled. Time for vacation. Off I go!!
  Arielle Goldman and Alan White author

  Season 03 Episode 15: Mr Monk and It's Obviously Ron Swanson

We had episode amnesia for a minute today! Sometimes it's hard to remember the little things, like how the crime was solved...
  Arielle Goldman and Alan White author

  Season 03 Episode 14: Mr Monk Does The Hangover before The Hangover

This murder doesn't make sense. Not ever. Nope.  Does that mean the episode sucked? Absolutely not. We loved it! Freakin' James Brolin rocked it.
  Arielle Goldman and Alan White author

  Season 03 Episode 13: Mr Monk and WHY KORN?

Hi folks. WHY KORN?

  Season 03 Episode 12: Mr Monk and Stottlemeyer's Unaddressed Midlife Crisis

Alan celebrates a four year anniversary with some scars. Some discussion about lakes.
  Arielle Goldman and Alan White author

  Season 03 Episode 11: Mr Monk and The Grave Robbing Ninja

So. Can you learn that level of martial arts in prison? Can you do it with  bad heart? A heart bad enough that you need nitro at all times? This week, we had some technical difficulties. Apologies for the audio. It will hopefully be back to normal in ...
  Arielle Goldman and Alan White author