Plastisphere: A podcast on plastic pollution in the environment

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  Listening Session with Baldeep Kaur

Baldeep Kaur is a doctoral fellow at the University of Potsdam, studying the afterlives of discarded colonial technologies. Last November, they invited Plastisphere creator Anja Krieger to a live listening session at the Minor Cosmopolitan Assembly, an...
  Anja Krieger author

  Guest Episode - The Indisposable Podcast: The Story of Plastic

A new guest episode to inspire your ears, mind and heart, kindly shared by Upstream. Plastic pollution is not just a waste issue. It starts with production, continues during use, and in the end, a lot of it ends up dumped or in the environment. But the...
  Anja Krieger author

  Guest Episode - What on Earth: Plastics Treaty Negotiations Start in Uruguay

Remember our episode a few months ago on the history of the plastics treaty? To recap: In March, the United Nations Environmental Assembly decided to negotiate a global agreement to tackle plastic pollution. The ambitious plan is to develop a binding t...
  Anja Krieger author

  Plastisphere presents Sustainable Asia: Producer Responsibility and Packaging Design

We can’t be the only ones responsible for plastic pollution. It’s time for producers and distributors of disposable plastic to take responsibility for where their packaging goes. Plastisphere presents an episode from Sustainable Asia’s “Mapping Asia’s ...
  Anja Krieger author

  Ep. 12: Paving the Way for a Global Plastics Treaty

Eight years after first flagging plastics as an issue, the United Nations Environment Assembly met in March 2022 for a historic decision. Delegates from more than 170 nations agreed on a mandate to put together a legally binding global plastics treaty ...
  Anja Krieger author

  Ep. 11: From Zero Waste to Collective Action

Plastisphere is back with Brooke and Anja! For the tenth anniversary of #PlasticFreeJuly, we dive into solutions to plastic pollution. Hear about Anja’s waste audit and DIY projects during the pandemic year, from home-made milk and laundry detergent to...
  Anja Krieger author

  Introducing: Life in the Soil (Teaser)

Take a break from plastics to explore the soil - a hidden world beneath your feet. It's the world of earthworms, springtails, fungi, and bacteria. We hardly ever see these little creatures, but their impacts are huge. Soil stores more carbon than the a...
  Anja Krieger author

  Ep.10: Chatting about Individual Impact

When it comes to solving the issue of plastic pollution, who would you say is responsible? Is it individuals like you and me, is it the corporations that produce plastics or products made from it, or is it the government with its rules and regulations?...
  Anja Krieger author

  Ep.9: The Discovery of Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution seems to be a pretty new issue, right? In the past few years, the topic has been all over the media. But if you explore the history of science, it turns out that the problem really isn’t all that new. Some scientists have been aware o...
  Anja Krieger author

  Ep.8: Plastics and the Coronavirus

For this episode, Anja tried something new: She asked listeners, researchers and podcasters to send her audio comments on what is happening now during the coronavirus pandemic. In this episode, you’ll hear some of the messages that arrived in her inbox...
  Anja Krieger author