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  Some Stars Explode As They Die. We Look At Their Life Cycle

This summer, scientists have their eyes and telescopes trained on the small constellation system T Coronae Borealis. They think it will explode as part of a periodic nova โ€” a once-in-a-lifetime event according to NASA scientists. And so, with the help ...

  Earth Is More Than A Planet With Life On It. It's A "Living Planet"

About ten years ago, science writer Ferris Jabr started contemplating Earth as a living planet rather than a planet with life on it. It began when he learned that the Amazon rainforest doesn't simply receive the rain that defines it; rather, it helps g...

  We're In For A Brutal Hurricane Season, According To Predictions

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting a record number of hurricanes this season, which began on June 1 and runs through Nov. They're forecasting anywhere from 17 to 25 storms in the Atlantic basin, including at least four ma...

  What 'Inside Out 2' Got Right About Anxiety, Per A Psychologist

Pixar's new movie, Inside Out 2 came out Friday. It's the sequel to the 2015 movie Inside Out, which follows the life of 11-year-old Riley and her family as they move to San Francisco. In Inside Out 2, Riley is 13 and thriving in her new city. She has ...

  Pluto Isn't A Planet โ€” But It Gives Us Clues For How The Solar System Formed

Pluto hasn't been a planet for almost 20 years. In the early 2000s, scientists discovered several objects of a similar size to Pluto. So, during the summer of 2006, members of the International Astronomical Union convened in Prague to reconsider what c...

  How Millions Of Mosquitoes Could Save Hawaii's Endangered Birds

To a lot of people, mosquito bites are annoying. But to the rare Hawaiian honeycreepers, they're deadly. Scientists in Maui are racing against time to save them ... and discovering some pretty crazy innovations along the way. Like, releasing-mosquitos-...

  Inheriting: Leah & Japanese American Incarceration

Hey, Short Wavers! Today, we're sharing a portion of Inheriting, an 8-part limited series hosted by Emily Kwong about Asian American and Pacific Islander family history. In this excerpt, we follow the story of Leah Bash. Leah is an avid runner, a dog m...

  Why You Shouldn't Worry About Invasive Joro Spiders

Joro spiders are spreading across the east coast. They are an invasive species that most likely arrived in shipping containers from eastern Asia. Today, we look into why some people find them scary, why to not panic about them and what their trajectory...

  How The Current Heat Dome Can Affect Human Health

Right now, there's a "heat dome" lingering over the southwestern U.S. โ€“ a high pressure system that pushes hot air down and traps it, raising the temperature. Heat is becoming increasingly lethal as climate change causes more extreme heat. So in today'...

  From The Physics Of G-Force To Weightlessness: How It Feels To Launch Into Space

It feels like this is the summer of space launches. So, it's only appropriate that we kick off our new series Space Camp with a look at space launches. Throughout the series, Regina and Emily will plumb our universe to uncover the strange, wonderful th...