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  99: Unknown

It's Unknown what we will be talking about tonight. Tune in to hear us possibly discussing Ingress. --- Support this podcast:

  97: Summer Ingress

Discussing Ingress and Current News and Events --- Support this podcast:

  96: Join us around the Campfire!

SitRep: First Saturday changes  Choice of virtual or in person First Saturday is coming  Kythera Phase FINAL Niantic has updated the score of Kythera Phase 3 as of Jun 26 9:00 UTC: Agent-deployed Battle Beacon: ENL 42,958 RES 37,812 Projected scor...

  93: Vainless in Kythera

Today on the show: Kythera Phase 1 What is the Kythera Mechanism and its purpose? Ornaments showing up on the map! Phase 1 on 15-18th Apr – Rules: Worldwide: BOLO NIA-deployed Rare Battl...
  Agent Academy author

  92: Upcoming Live Events, Kureze Phase 3, Anomalies, and Ingress News

Today on the show: Today we discuss the even schedule rolled out, a giant record breaking field thrown up by the resistance, and Kureze Phase 3 If you want to have us play your audio comment, you can leave us a message at:
  Agent Academy author

  91: Ingress Ear Buds, ENL wins Kureze Effect – round 2, and it’s TOAST Day!

Today on the show: Sony and Niantic team up to bring you open backed ear buds for AR experiences with a teasing of an Ingress edition. We discuss Kureze Round 2, and what is coming up in round 3. And it’s official Toast Day! So Get Toasted. Welcome to ...
  Agent Academy author

  90: What’s in the Capsule?

Today on the show: Ideas for Ingress.  We discuss ideas submitted by agents as well as some of our own ideas. Do we want crafting? Media storage capsules? Those are just a few ideas. Listen to find out more of what could be coming in future updates. Wa...
  Agent Academy author

  89: Ingress Q1 Update, Black History Month, & FitRep

Today on the show: Talking about Niantic’s AR game, Ingress. Tonight, Black History Month, Q1 Announcements, and FitRep coming to Ingress. Next week is a “What’s In the Capsule” Episode. We want to hear your ideas for Ingress, so leave a comment with #...
  Agent Academy author

  88: Kureasy & Generating AP

Today on the show: Kureze Effect Second Sunday New Medal – Year of the Tiger Decode Clue Arts Cow – Custom Printed Swag Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify WHAT’S IN THE CAPSULE? Submit your own idea for Ingress CONTACT & SUBMISSIONS SpeakPipe | Tel...
  Agent Academy author

  87: Battle Beacons & the Kureze Effect

Today on the show:  Jan 7th was Sojourner Day 2,500! Kureze Effect  – Phase 1 (January) Kureze Effect Phase One Cities
  Agent Academy author