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  Podcast Memorial to Kim Flottum

During this seventh year anniversary week of the podcast, we bring you this special memorial episode honoring our former co-host, colleague, and dear friend, Kim Flottum, who passed away in December 10, 2023. This episode is dedicated to celebrating Ki...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman, Jim Tew author

  Seventh Year Anniversary Special with Pollinator Partnership

Welcome to a special episode of the Beekeeping Today Podcast, presented by Betterbee. As we kick off our seventh year and celebrate the first day of Pollinator Week, we are thrilled to bring you a conversation filled with insights and stories that high...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman author

  Much More Than Record Keeping with HiveTracks

(281) Join us in this episode as we delve into the sophisticated world of beekeeping record management, focusing on the innovative platform, HiveTracks! Explore the capabilities of HiveTracks—a mobile app and cloud-based system designed to streamline b...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman author

  All New AFB Vaccine with Dalan Animal Health

In this episode, Jeff and Becky delve into the groundbreaking development of the first American Foulbrood (AFB) vaccine for honeybees with Annette Kleiser, co-founder of Dalan Animal Health, and Tim Ferris, a commercial beekeeper based in Pennsylvania ...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman author

  Honey Bee Genetics and Behavior with Dr. Christine Grozinger

In this enlightening episode, we are joined by Dr. Christina Grozinger, a distinguished researcher from Penn State University, who delves into her extensive work on bee behavior, genetics, and the vital role of nutrition in bee health. As the director ...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman author

  Healthy Bees, Heavy Hives with Steve Donohoe and Paul Horton

In this fun episode of our podcast, we're diving deep into the topics of bee health and maximizing honey production with insights from Steve Donohoe and Paul Horton, seasoned beekeepers from the UK. These experts share their pioneering strategies detai...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman author

  Honey Bee Viruses with Dr. Michelle Flenniken

(#277) In this episode, we delve into the intricate world of honey bee virology with Dr. Michelle Flenniken from Montana State University. As a seasoned researcher specializing in honey bee viruses, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge that's both enl...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman author

  Dr. Kaira Wagoner - Hygienic Bee Behavior

(#276) In this enlightening episode, we are joined by Dr. Kaira Wagoner of Optera, who introduces us to groundbreaking research in bee hygiene. Kaira shares her extensive study on hygienic behavior in honey bees, a critical trait that helps colonies co...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman author

  Regional Beekeepers: Spring 2024

In this latest episode, we dive deep into our seasonal segment, "Regional Beekeeper Updates." This episode offers a rich compilation of insights as beekeepers from various U.S. regions share the unique challenges and triumphs of their beekeeping experi...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman author

  Christy Payne - Urban Beekeeping for Hire

(#274) Welcome to this informative episode of the "Beekeeping Today Podcast," featuring a detailed discussion with Christy Payne from Collinsville, Oklahoma. This episode is designed to provide both new and experienced beekeepers with insights into adv...
  Jeff Ott, Becky Masterman author