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  Fire Escape Cast #83

Mary is pissed (at Dan), and you probably know why...
  Fire Escape Cast author

  Fire Escape Cast #82

Mike, Mary, and Dan are joined by... Dan's soundboard once again. The crew shares their developing thoughts on Animal Well, Lorelei and The Laser Eyes, and Hellblade 2.
  Fire Escape Cast author

  Fire Escape Cast #81

On this week's episode of Fire Escape, the game shares their love for Animal Well, they talk about Conan O'Brien's new show, and Dan abuses his soundboard at Mary's expense.
  Fire Escape Cast author

  Fire Escape Cast #80

this episode of Fire Escape, Mike updates the gang on the TV shows he been watching, Mary talks about some made up video games, and Dan finds a new use for his sound board.
  Fire Escape Cast author

  Fire Escape Cast #79

On this week's episode Mary shares her updated opinions on Pepper Grinder, Dan reveals that he has no idea what Total War is, and Mike decided it was time to hop back into Elden Ring.
  Fire Escape Cast author

  Fire Escape Cast #78

This week Mike share's his ongoing experience with Dragon's Dogma 2, Mary and Dan share their early thoughts on Pepper Grinder, and the gang talks about their gaming "white whales."
  Fire Escape Cast author

  Fire Escape Cast #77

The gang is back together this week, and they dig into Dragon's Dogma 2, Helldivers 2 (of course), and Mike shares his early impressions of Balatro.
  Fire Escape Cast author

  Fire Escape Cast #76

Mike (the most adult-like of trio) is slurping wine abroad this week so the gang is joined by Jeff Grubb to talk about how shitty some wrestlers are and how good Helldivers 2 is.
  Fire Escape Cast author

  Fire Escape Cast #75

On this week's episode of Fire Escape, Mary struggles with words and Dan shares his experience with Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.
  Fire Escape Cast author

  Fire Escape Cast #74

The gang talks Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Helldivers 2, and Dan's first time trying a Sherry.
  Fire Escape Cast author