The Sloppy Boys

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  192. Orange Whip

The guys make a creamsicle-like frother that gets namechecked in Blues Brothers (kind of).ORANGE WHIP RECIPE4oz/120ml ORANGE JUICE1oz/30ml RUM1oz/30ml VODKA.5oz/15ml TRIPLE SEC2oz/60ml HEAVY CREAMPour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shak...

  191. Garden Party with¬†Eva Anderson

The guys welcome Eva Anderson for a summery, flowery gin drink inspired by a Kentucky Derby party from their past!GARDEN PARTY RECIPE:2oz/60ml GIN1oz/30ml DRY VERMOUTH1oz/30ml LEMON JUICE.5oz/15ml AGAVE NECTARAdd ingredients into a shaker filled with i...

  190. Pornstar Martini

The guys revisit the tacky 2000s with this vanilla-passionfruit "martini" from London's Townhouse bar.RECIPE: 1.5oz/45ml VANILLA VODKA .5oz/15ml PASSION FRUIT LIQUEUR1oz/30ml PASSION FRUIT PUREE.5oz/15ml LIME JUICE .5oz/15mlVANILLA SIMPLE SYRUP2oz/60ml...

  189. Black and Tan

The guys carefully pour a classic two-tone pint! Contemporarily made with Guinness and Bass (or Harp), the term "Black and Tan" was first recorded in 1889-- but the practice of mixing beers goes back to the 17th century.RECIPE: 8oz/240ml GUINNESS (OR S...

  188. Gonster

The guys sample the Guinness-Monster hybrid that's taken the memosphere by storm!GONSTER RECIPE8oz/240ml Guinness8oz/240ml Monster Energy NitroPour Monster Energy Nitro to a pint glass, filling it halfway. Add Guinness, pouring carefully over the back ...

  187. Green Tea Shots

The guys make the shots that are (apparently) sweeping the nation and (supposedly) taste like Arizona Green Tea. RECIPE: .5oz/ 15ml IRISH WHISKEY.5oz/15ml PEACH SCHNAPPS .5oz/15ml SOUR MIX top up LEMON-LIME SODA Add whiskey, schnapps and sour mix into ...

  186. Ferrari

The guys combine beloved amari for a shot they picked up in Chicago!RECIPE: .75oz/22ml FERNET BRANCA.75oz/22ml CAMPARIAdd both ingredients into a shot glass. Drink as a shot. For a cocktail, double the proportions and serve on ice (optional).Recipe via...

  185. Orange Wine with Lamar Woods

The guys are joined by writer-actor-rapper Lamar Woods as they sip a wine that's neither made from oranges, nor orange in color (necessarily!)Orange wine is available at wine stores, NOT grocery stores (typically!)Lamar's album Highly Sensitive Person ...

  184. Zapp's Voodoo Bloody Mary

The guys sit around gathering dust... to bring you the thrill of a lifetime! Zapp's Voodoo Bloody Mary Pretzel Stix are available in select stores.RECIPE: 2oz/60ml VODKA4oz/120ml TOMATO JUICE.7oz/20ml LEMON JUICE2 dashes WORCESTERSHIRE1/4 tsp each CREO...

  183. Rum and Coke Spiced

The guys put a spin on a classic-- Coca Cola's latest variant boasts "spice" and a hint of raspberry flavor.RUM & COKE SPICED RECIPE: 2oz/60ml RUM4oz/120ml COCA-COLA SPICED Combine ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice and stir.Recipe via...