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  476 – Movie Business Check-In, The Acolyte, Hit Man

This week, we lost David again as the remaining co-hosts dive into some new business developments around Hollywood. Sony has bought the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain (vertical integration, here we come!) and no one has bought Paramount yet – what’s ha...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author

  475 – The Elder Millennial Canon Quell

What movies define our generation? It’s another Fighting in The War Room Quarter Quell!  For this edition of a FITWR Quarter Quell, each host brings a movie they think belongs in the “Elder Millennial Canon” of films. After a brief discussion of what t...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author

  474.5 – Cannes Report, Loot Season 2, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

This week, David is back from the Cannes Film Festival and is ready to report back to the podcast (From Megalopolis to Anora)! Also, Katey has seen Season 2 of Loot on Apple TV Plus and deemed it a worthy sitcom. Finally, all four hosts dig into Furios...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author

  474.25 – Galactic Starcruiser, Google AI, I Saw The TV Glow

This week, Katey returns from The Ankler’s Los Angeles to re-focus Patches and Da7e in the War Room while David keeps Cannes-ing. She only has mild success as the podcast transforms a “what we’re watching” segment into one about Disney’s “Star Wars Hot...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author

  A Fighting In The War Room Show (Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes)

This week, Patches and Da7e have been left alone again, so they invite returning guest Jordan Hoffman back onto the show for a free-form discussion about recasting Gilligan’s Island, Starcrash and torrent ethics, Unfrosted again, cereals (and hot cerea...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author

  474 – Unfrosted, Under the Bridge, The Fall Guy

This week, all four hosts are together (pre-Cannes) to fight in the war room. First, Patches and David dig into opposing views of Jerry Seinfeld’s Unfrosted on Netflix. Then, Katey recommends Hulu’s Under the Bridge series before Da7e joins in on the c...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author

  473 – Fallout on TV, Phantom Menace is back!, Challengers

This week, Katey and David are both attempting to watch Amazon Studios Fallout adaptation and Matt Patches, who has seen the whole thing, tries to manage their expectations. Then, Da7e is going back to the theaters to watch Star Wars Episode I: The Pha...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author

  472 – Netflix’s Blockbuster Problem, Bluey’s “Surprise,” Shogun

This week, in a slightly later podcast than usual, the whole gang gets together in the War Room. First, Patches and David both saw Rebel Moon: The Scargiver (that’s part two of Rebel Moon) and neither liked it very much, which has us all debating what ...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author

  471 – Bluey, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, Civil War

This week, everyone jumps in to check in on Bluey (streaming on Disney Plus) in honor of the series longest episode to date “The Sign,” which functions as a possible finale (but likely isn’t). Then, David reports back from director Guy Richie’s very bu...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author

  470 – Ripley, Eclipse 2024, Girls State

This week, the whole crew is back together to catch up on some e-mails (opinions expressed by Da7e in the e-mail response section do not represent the opinions of other Fighting In The War Room hosts or anyone previously associated with the podcast or ...
  Katey, Matt, Da7e and David author