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  S7E26 "Star Trek Next Generation Retrospective" (w/ Paul F. Tompkins)

Treks favorite Paul F. Tompkins (Rutherford Falls, Threedom) returns to the show to unpack Jonathan Frakes' wandering around the Next Generation set, visiting a Star Trek convention, and what it's like when the man speaks at half speed. Plus, special T...
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  S7E25 "All Good Things Pt2" (w/ Paul F. Tompkins)

All-timeĀ TreksĀ guest Paul F. Tompkins (Threedom,Ā The Neighborhood Listen) returns for another all-timeĀ TreksĀ episode: part two of the two-part TNG finale, "All Good Things," to talk Picard finally joining the crew for a round of cards and what's next f...
  Forever Dog author

  S7E25 "All Good Things Pt1" (w/ Paul F. Tompkins)

All-time Treks guest Paul F. Tompkins (Threedom, The Neighborhood Listen) makes a triumphant return for an all-time Treks episode: part one of the two part TNG finale, "All Good Things," to talk how Picard's time jumping could be responsible for ending...
  Forever Dog author

  Bonus Fan Clipstravaganza (w/ Robin Reister)

Physician and all-time TatC mega-fan Robin Reister joins Alice and Veronica to talk returning to conventions, favorite episodes (of the pod and TNG), and what it means to be "already Gorn" in a special pre-finale bonus clip episode!!! Listen to Treks ...
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  S7E24 "Preemptive Strike" (w/ Andrew Ti)

Writer and comedian Andrew Ti (Mixed-ish,Ā Yo, Is This Racist?) returns to talk with Alice and Vero about trapping Maquis terrorists with some so-so tactics on the penultimate episode of TNG, "Preemptive Strike." Listen to Treks and the City Ad-Free on...
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  S7E23 "Emergence"

Alice and Veronica EXCLUSIVELY unpack the last Holodeck episode and Picard's fast and loose handling of an emerging intelligence aboard the Enterprise in TNG S7E23 "Emergence." Listen to Treks and the City Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus: https://foreverd...
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  S7E22 "Bloodlines" (w/ Biniam Bizuneh)

Comedian and writer Biniam Bizuneh (Resident Alien, Jimmy Kimmel Live!) joins Alice and Veronica to unpack horny spelunkers, the legacy of Picard's one night stands, and long-delayed payoffs in TNG S7E22 "Bloodlines." Listen to Treks and the City Ad-F...
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  A Treks SPECIAL Announcement

Treks and the City will be back in one week! Listen to Treks and the City Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus: SUPPORT TREKS AND THE CITY ON PATREON: FOLLOW TREKS AND THE CITY: https://www....
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  S7E21 "Firstborn" (w/ Adam Conover)

Comedian and writer Adam Conover (Adam Ruins Everything, BoJack Horseman) joins Alice and Veronica to discuss Alex episodes, Klingon rituals, and brushing by incredible time travel technology in TNG S7E21 "Firstborn." Listen to Treks and the City Ad-F...
  Forever Dog author

  S7E20 "Journey's End" (w/ Gary Farmer)

Actor and musician Gary Farmer (Dead Man,Ā Resident Alien), joinsĀ Alice and Veronica to talk forcible Native American removal and long-delayed character payoffs in TNG S7E20 "Journey's End." Listen to Treks and the City Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus: htt...
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