Friendly Competition (from Game Show)

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  Pity Points (Game Show 214)

It’s the return of Friendly Competition, America’s favorite Game Show! In this edition, Silent Carl gains a voice in the form of Chat GPT. Will the other contestants be friendly towards Carl GPT? Competitive with Carl? Neither? Both? Listen and find ou...
  The Incomparable author

  Objectivist Mickey (Game Show 204)

Four contestants are each on a mission To gain points in each round by addition Whoever gets most And doesn’t annoy the host Wins this round of Friendly Competition! Host Lex Friedman and Dan Moren with Cicero Holmes, Jason Snell, Shelly Brisbin an...
  The Incomparable author

  Nice Glenns Finish Last (Game Show 180)

It’s the return of Friendly Competition, featuring many games and challenges adjudicated via friendly arbitration! Like the Klingon prison planet Rura Penthe, you learn the rules when you break them! Host Lex Friedman and Dan Moren with Chip Sudder...
  The Incomparable author

  As Wrong As Possible (Game Show 167)

It’s time for another Friendly Competition, with games of chance, skill, rapping, and rhyming. Hear Glenn and Jean spit verses, listen in on Bohemian Rhapsody trivia, and meet your new friend Silent Carl. Host Lex Friedman and Dan Moren with Erika ...
  The Incomparable author

  Lex Explains Xylophones (Game Show 159)

Contestants compete in games of luck and skill, including naming famous Als, chain restaurants, and … numbers. Just any numbers. Host Lex Friedman and Dan Moren with Brian Hamilton, Jason Snell, Kathy Campbell, Kelly Guimont and Shelly Brisbin.
  The Incomparable author

  I Knew I Ate It Before 1970 (Game Show 153)

Limericks, presidential cartoon characters, and lots of silliness — in other words, another classic competition amongst friends. Host Lex Friedman and Dan Moren with Tony Sindelar, Scott McNulty, Jean MacDonald, Arnie Niekamp and Kate Walsh.
  The Incomparable author

  Contestants Are Angry (Game Show 144)

The music of REM, the randomness of numbers, improvised poetry, and a real live joke contest are just some of the shenanigans in the latest edition of everyone’s favorite game show where everything stays friendly — except for occasional animosity towar...
  The Incomparable author

  Great For Baseball (Game Show 142)

It’s time for more Friendly Competition, the podcast where friends compete against each other in ridiculous contests of skill, luck, and speed. Beatles songs, poetry, and plenty of wackiness all ensue! Host Lex Friedman and Dan Moren with Adal Rif...
  The Incomparable author

  Quinoa Car (Game Show 138)

Lex welcomes new scorekeeper Dan Moren and five new players for exciting competitions spanning delightful audio, coin flip predictions, Googlewhacks, and word guessing. Hilarity ensues. Host Lex Friedman and Dan Moren with Brian Hamilton, Glenn Fl...
  The Incomparable author

  No One Picked Me (Game Show 134)

In this inaugural episode of the Friendly Competition game show, host Lex Friedman forces guests Jason Snell, Dan Moren, Kathy Campbell, Monty Ashley, and Tony Sindelar to compete in a series of increasingly silly rapid-fire contests. Lex decides who e...
  The Incomparable author