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  Episode #85 - Season 2 Finale

We round out the second season of Bundle Buddies by reflecting on our favorite games and episodes, discussing  the best way to raise babies to be gamers, and musing on the future of the podcast. WE LOVE YOU, LISTENERS! See you in the next season!  -- ...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author

  Episode #84 - NIGHT OF THE CONSUMERS, Blast Rush, and Rusty Lake Hotel with Malheurt

This week, Eric and a Covid-stricken Alex are joined by Malheurt, a drag queen finding the sublime in twitter jokes and fantasy tropes. They talk Pokémon, the ethics of looking up how to beat games on the internet, the majestic difficulty of Heroes of ...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author

  Episode #83 - 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Alex and Matt talk anime, the tragic beauty of owning dogs, and Steel Magnolias before diving deep into the must-play 20 Minutes Till Dawn, which you should definitely buy instead of avocado toast. The ethical gamer holds court. Matt has opinions about...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author

  Episode #82 - ”Buddies Day Out” Into the Breach with Andrew Heywood

We welcome back 2nd time Bundleliber (Bundle Buddy) Andrew Heywood to the podcast! He and Eric have an in depth discussion on 2018 turn based strategy game Into The Breach. They touch on why JRPG's just don't cut the mustard nomo, chess puzzles, and lo...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author

  Episode #80 - HOOK Club: Zoombinis with Brian Rodriguez McGovern

This week, we explore the utopian potential of Broderbund's edutainment classic Zoombinis. Here's to our Beloved Little Guys! To learn more about the game's design process, check out this article, written by two of the game's developers: Zoombinis and...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author

  Episode #80 - Skuiggle, Macbat 64, and Quiet as a Stone with the Anime Sickos

We have Joe Anderson and Tom Harrison, hosts of the hilarious Anime Sickos podcast, on to discuss all of the most important topics, including how terrible South Dakota is, how F-Zero GX isn't actually a racing game, and why Dragon Quest VI is better th...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author

  Episode #79 - Indiepocalypse #4 with Pizza Pranks

We sit down with prolific indie game champion Andrew, AKA Pizza Pranks, the creator and curator behind the video game bundle zine Indiepocalypse. We talk Sesame Street video games, what's missing with charity bundles, and games as the mid-step between ...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author

  Episode #78 - Catlandia, DON’T WAKE THE NIGHT, and Soft Underbelly with Alisha Maynoush Mernick

This week, we have artist, educator, parent, and justice-seeker Alisha Maynoush Mernick on the podcast. She regales us about a recent series of unfortunate events with a freemium mobile game, sings the praises of some little-known app called "Tik-Tok",...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author

  Episode #77 - Akuto: Showdown, The Search, and Animal Love with Sebastian Quack

This week the buddies are joined by the delightful Sebastian Quack. Sebastian is a founding member of the Invisible Playground network, co-director of Trust in Play, the European School of Urban Game design, and co-organizer of Drift Club. Since 2021, ...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author

  Episode #76 -Buck Up And Drive!, Welcome to Elk, and The Wratch’s Den

We lost him to civilization:    This was a crazy one, folks. Here's what we're reviewing:  Buck Up And Drive!., by Fabio Fantes Welcome to Elk, by Triple Topping The Wratch's Den, by PUNKCAKE Délicieux Once again our cause is any abortion fund in the...
  bundlebuddiespodcast author