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  PALISADE 53: A Palette of Colors Pt. 8

With the capture of Lander One, major military operations on Palisade have seemingly come to a close. Most of the remnants of the Bilateral Intercession’s forces have been captured or have turned themselves in—though some, like those now under the sway...

  PALISADE 52: A Palette of Colors Pt. 7

Though it seems the worst is behind the people of Palisade, there is work yet to do. Work made harder by the realization that the work already done had higher costs than anticipated. But still, the members of the Cause do what they must to confront the...

  PALISADE 51: A Palette of Colors Pt. 6

Having played their opening gambits, the leaders of Palisade now find they face unprecedented situations. At the center of it is the being calling itself Wakeful, an emerging gestalt consciousness comprised of (but irreducible to) the Divines freed fro...

  PALISADE 50: A Palette of Colors Pt. 5

This episode carries content warnings for body horror and discussions of slavery. Though the wheel yet spins in the Divine Principality, spinning is movement. And though one day we may return to the starting position, where it all gets driven around th...

  PALISADE 49: A Palette of Colors Pt. 4

This episode carries content warnings for death. Another daring mission, another stunning success, and then, once again, the people Palisade breathe out all at once. But these exhalations aren't quite like the old ones. Some breathe deep, looking for s...

  PALISADE 48: A Palette of Colors Pt. 3

This episode carries content warnings for discussion of enslavement, torture, death, body horror and eye injuries. Across Palisade, a question begins to weave itself through life. Across everyday kitchen conversations, war room arguments, and salon deb...

  PALISADE 47: A Palette of Colors Pt. 2

This episode carries content warnings for discussion of death and self sacrifice. Palisade spins and twirls, coming to terms with its fresh orbit. And on its body, the people begin to adjust too. Finding a moment of space, Blue Channel captain Kalvin B...

  PALISADE 46: A Palette of Colors Pt. 1

It is the year 1430 of the Perfect Millennium, and in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, Perennial tries to shut out the noise, to focus in on only one place, one voice. But it is too loud on Palisade. This week on PALISADE: A Palette of Colors Pt. 1 ...

  PALISADE 45: Where They Are Pt. 3

As Palisade eases into its new orbit, the people below face a new marker of evening. Yes, the dual moons of Chimera’s Lantern and Travertine remain above them. But now night brings a new absence: Gone are Gift-3 and Seneschal, Altar and Moonlock, Skein...

  PALISADE 44: Where They Are Pt. 2

With the initial shock of arriving in the Twilight Mirage starting, slowly, to fade, the people of Palisade and the Quire System leap into action. General Tomorrow Mourning turns to the only person she believes can quickly give her the authority to bui...