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  Season 1: Trailer #1 "Am I Evil Enough?"

One of our favorite clips from season 1. Listen to BBLS 7 to hear the rest of the episode. Piercen, Evan, and Zach come together every other Tuesday to bring great Dungeons & Dragons content along with some other great TTRPGs like FATE, Pathfinder,...

  Podcast Announcement! Social Media, Competitions, & Upcoming Guests

Sorry, no episode this week. Evan and Piercen are in the middle of moving across the country right now but fret not! That only means MORE great content coming in the future for we will now be able to record in person. We have several episodes in the ca...

  BBLS Ep. 12: Riddles and Puzzles—ft. Adal Rifai

Evan and Zachary try to find a replacement for Reviewbot but, end up with a not-so-robotic guest: Analytical Data Acquisitions and Logistics (A.D.A.L. for short) This week we tackle the theme of riddles and puzzles or riddies and puzzies for the layman...

  BBLS Ep. 11: Heroes of a Villain Campaign—ft. DumpStat

Continuing with the "great" PR campaign, Piercen and Zachary invite on another dogooder, Doc the Fighter, to talk about...*bleh* heroes. Switch it up in your next adventure by playing the villains with some morally aligned losers—I MEAN! Wait no, that'...

  BBLS Ep. 10: Fast Food

The party is hungry for themes (and also fast food). If you need some "dis" in your "topia" and Ronald in your McDonald's, this is the episode for you. [Ingredients include qual parts grit and goof] Systems recommended for use: Genesys, Blades in the ...

  BBLS Ep. 9: Science Fantasy—ft. Value Select

The "Return" is here and the boys have found a temporary replacement for Zach with Max Renner of Value Select ( This week, they are discussing fractured fairytales and the science fantasy subgenre. If you liked Ho...

  BBLS Ep. 8: Disney Villains

In this episode, the boys are visited by Zachary's girlfriend and Amazonian delivery person, Brittny. They discuss Disney villains and Walt's apparent immortality. If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts, Ready Player One, or just Disney in general, listen ...

  Wickedpedia: Batsu, The Drought Mother

With Marvel's Shang-Chi around the corner, Zach discusses some ancient Chinese folklore in the form of tragic yokai Batsu, mother of the hiderigami. Systems recommended for use: Legend of the Five Rings, HeroQuest, FATE, or Call of Cthulu. --- This ...

  BBLS Ep. 7: Deck of Stories—ft. Critical Dice

In this episode Jason from Critical Dice come to show us he is truly the biggest and baddest... Together we break out his Deck of Stories, draw randomly from it and see what kind of adventure it creates!  Critical Dice: ...

  BBLS Ep. 6: Anti-Villains—ft. Tabletop Theater

This week the boys get a visit from the PC goblin who claims apparently it is no longer marketable to "terrorize villages" or "enslave thousands of innocents"... So, THEY ARE REBRANDING! Also, the best way to celebrate their censorship is to do an epis...