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  For Thee, Ass King

Discussed! NYT crossword puzzles from Weds 2/22/23 (Adam Wagner), Thurs 2/23/23 (Joe Deeney), and Sun 2/28/23 (Will Nediger). Disgust! Black History Month did not seem to matter to the NYTXW. But racial representation in crosswords matters deeply to us...
  Crossnerds author

  Cut to Wabbit Season

SCENE: Season 8. Year of the Rabbit. 2023. Cut to: Rebecca & Brooke, Crossworld's most beloved showgirls, reviewing New York Times crossword puzzles. On this episode...they (we) peruse three (3) puzzles, from 2/2/23 - 2/4/23. Featuring.....: Bisex...
  Crossnerds author

  Query Theory

WORDPLAY ON THE FRITZ ⋇ DEFY THE HEGEMONY ⋇ THINK FOR YOURSELF ⋇ DO NOT PANIC Happy holidaze and welcome back to the show! This week, Rebecca and Brooke calmly discuss four New York Times crossword puzzles published 11/22/2022 - 11/26/22. We also poke ...
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  Solve for x[Nerds]

In this ep, Rebecca and Brooke review New York Times crossword puzzles from 11/9/22 - 11/12/22. Including! The first-ever, no-details-necessary, void-where-prohibited Crossnerds challenge: ⭐ Guess Our Zodiac Signs! ⭐️ Tweet us @Crossnerds or message us...

  SOUL Shakedown Party

👋🤓🎙 Live from Berlin and a Dalíesque sea of toilets: Rebecca and Brooke review the week of 9/12/22 - 9/18/22 in New York Times crossword puzzles, covering such topics as: "Noted" in crossword clues The world's kickiest animals Triple-checked squares D...
  Crossnerds author

  Podcast...But Good(?)

Nerds here! Get yer Spicy Summer 'Ssnerds here! Featuring a husk of future residents (Rebecca and Brooke) discussing New York Times crossword puzzles (we selected 4 from the week of 8/22/22), PLUS PLUS PLUS Lollapuzzoola 2022 (puzzles still available h...


Hey bb whats ur sign? In the crossword zodiac, we mean. I bet you're a Gridbearer. The Block? Butterfly (for symmetry)? Anyway, we're both Crossnerds, and in this ep we discuss New York Times crossword puzzles (published 6/6/22 - 6/12/22), as well as t...

  TWO-BY-TWO | Skater vs sk8r

omg have WE GOT AN EP FOR YOU. 'Twixt our reviews of New York Times crossword puzzles (5/2/22 - 5/8/22), Rebrooka discover: The truly absurd history of "Louie Louie" (I chose the Toots version) The city of Ur Short fill, destigmatized #SettlerSaturday...

  MAGAZINE RACKET | Be as you wish to seem

Happy belated Spring Festivals! We are celebrating with a new round of New York Times crossword puzzle reviews (4/18/22 - 4/24/22). Also featuring: A crossword for everyone(?) Punchline revealers Using a curated list to source a puzzle: 👍/👎? Oil wrest...

  SOFT OPTIONS | How are you?

Rebecca and Brooke are returnt like the U.S. Football League, except that our sporty forte is tackling NEW YORK TIMES CROSSWORD PUZZLESSSS (from 3/28/22 - 4/3/22)!! Also in this ep:  Americanisms, Bacchanalia for marginalia, and fie-ing the ex who absc...