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  She Is The Table

Nintendo’s DIrect is over with, let’s pick up the pieces and discuss Metroid Prime 4, the new Legend Zelda Starring Zelda game, Capcom’s new Marvel collection, Starfield’s paid mods, the future of Fallout, and, via your emails, a long discussion of esp...
  Jeff Gerstmann author

  Summer Game Fest Recap

The week-ish of new game news has come to an end. Let’s talk about everything that surfaced at the big press conferences, from Black Ops 6 to Perfect Dark, Gears of War: E-DAY to Assassin’s Creed Shadows, and more! Also: time spent with Bodycam, Destin...
  Jeff Gerstmann author

  104: The State of PlayStation’s Play

Let’s talk about Concord, Astro Bot, and the other stuff shown last week at PlayStation’s State of Play. Also: a preview of what to expect from Friday’s Summer Game Fest event, the Xbox showcase, and more. Let’s also cover some games, like Selaco, Arct...
  Jeff Gerstmann author

  103: Arsenio Hall in Zombies Mode

Arthur Gies from Wirecutter joins as we discuss this year’s Summer Game Fest, the Xbox Showcase, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, The Rogue Prince of Persia, the future of the non-Intellivision Amico, a supposed Doom prequel, the future of FIFA video games, ...
  Arthur Gies, Jeff Gerstmann author

  102: Hellblade II

Let’s talk all about Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, which is out now. Also: Diablo IV’s loot overhaul, Mullet Madjack, RetroArch on iOS, Ghost of Tsushima on PC, Sakurai’s Saga: Fast Start Times, Microsoft’s AI laptop ambitions and what that might mean fo...
  Jeff Gerstmann author

  101: Has Xbox Hit Its Breakpoint?

PlayStation gets not one but two CEOs! Square Enix forms a three-year plan! Animal Well! Xbox looks a little lost out there! Also: I must’ve entered some kind of fugue state and before I knew what was going on I had reinstalled Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon...
  Jeff Gerstmann author

  100: Buy A Studio, Close A Studio

Hades II is out in Early Access, let’s talk about it! Also: Xbox shuts down Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, and more? The Helldivers 2 PSN fiasco gets recapped, XDefiant gets a launch date, and your emails! Get ad-free podcasts, bonus shows and more ov...
  Jeff Gerstmann author

  099: The Mashima Zaibatsu

We talk about hitting 33333333333 in Tekken 8, as well as Stellar Blade’s frustrating animation stuff, the absolute joy of playing Minishoot’ Adventures, and Xbox’s upcoming summer showcase event with Call of Duty, Gears of War, and more. Also Square’s...
  Jeff Gerstmann author

  098: Six Arms to Embrace You

Embracer splits into three separate companies! Hades II Technical Test Talk Today! Horizon OS (no, not that one, the other one)! LittleBigPlanet pulls the plug! Dynowarz: Destuction of Sponylous on your iPhone? El Paso Elsewhere on the silver screen???...
  Jeff Gerstmann author

  097: Shadow the Hedgehog = John Wick

Keanu lands the role of a lifetime! Meanwhile Lawbreakers is back? Nintendo makes an enemy out of my daughter, Fallout 4 gets fixed after all these years, and a man gets arrested for hacking Pokemon games. Also: Clicker Arena isn’t enough of a clicker ...
  Jeff Gerstmann author