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  Why sometimes we are better off not knowing – on information design and Bayesian persuasion | with Emir Kamenica

In this episode Emir Kamenica introduces us to the research field of information design. He recaps the history of modelling information in economics from the 70s to today, and explains term “Bayesian Persuasion” (and if and how it differs from the term...
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  Putting your money where your mouth is – on commitment in auctions | with Vitali Gretschko

In this episode, Vitali Gretschko sheds some light on a fundamental game theoretic concept: Commitment. He explains why commitment is a crucial prerequisite of auctions and introduces different ways of generating commitment. We also explore how commitm...
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  Auctions, bidding strategies and uncertainty | with Bernhard Kasberger

From selling on eBay over Google advertisements to buying a house, auctions are all around us! But what makes it so difficult to find the right bidding strategy? In this episode Bernhard Kasberger sheds some light on what a so called first price auctio...
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  A dangerous game: On Geoengineering and moral hazard | with Gernot Wagner

In this episode Gernot Wagner explains the concept of Geoengineering and its potential role in preventing climate change. He analyses the implications of Geoengineering from a game theoretic perspective and shows the connection to the game theoretic co...
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  To share or not to share. Credit, incentives and competition among researchers | with Remco Heesen

To share or not to share. Credit, incentives and competition among researchers | with Remco Heesen In this episode Remco Heesen shares his insights on the trade-offs researchers face when deciding whether to share intermediate results with fellow resea...
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  How to bid in an auction – with Paul Papayoanou

In this episode, we discuss with Paul Papayoanou his real life experience as a consultant applying Game Theory. Paul has worked on over 150 engagements using his expertise. In our discussion we especially focus on Paul’s experience in consulting bidder...
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  Celebrating 50 episodes of Game Changer | with Miriam, Simon and Florian

To celebrate 50 episodes of Game Changer, we take a look behind the scenes. The hosts Simon and Florian take the role of interviewees and answer Miriam’s questions on their motivation and goals for the game changer podcast and how the episodes are prep...
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  ‘Would you rather’ - what drives our decisions– with Shachar Kariv

In this episode, we focus on ‘decision theory’ and discuss with Shachar its connection to Game Theory. Shachar shares the three key trade-offs relevant for taking a decision. We also discuss the ‘dictator game’ and how Shachar applied a modified versio...
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  Are football players Game Theorists? – scoring the perfect penalty | with Ben Lyttleton

In this episode we talk to Ben Lyttleton about a particular topic in football: how to score the perfect penalty. Ben is an expert on penalties and has gathered a lot of insights on the ‘perfect penalty’ in his book Twelve Yards: The Art & Psycholog...
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  The 2022 Nobel Prize – why the economy needs banks | with Karolin Kirschenmann

In this episode, Karolin Kirschenmann explains why this year’s Nobel Prize in economics was given to Ben Bernanke, Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig. We discuss their research on the role of banks in the economy and the models developed by the research...
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