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  Us vs. Them: Experiments on group identity| with Yan Chen

In this episode, we engage with Yan Chen to unravel the underlying mechanisms of group identity and group discrimination. Yan discusses her research on ingroup favoritism. We learn how ingroup favoritism can occur even in assigned, artificial groups, a...
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  Game Theory Goes to School: Strategic Decisions in Young Minds | with Isabelle Brocas

In this episode, we explore the fascinating intersection of developmental psychology and economic theory through the lens of children's strategic decision-making abilities: Our discussion focuses on how the evolving capacities of children's brains infl...
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  Playing for a Better Society: Game Theory and Civic Responsibility | with Tore Ellingsen

In this episode, we delve into the complex world of fostering civic responsibility. Our guest Tore Ellingsen explains how the interplay of regulation, personal sacrifice, and culture can build socially responsible societies or organisations. The conver...
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  To click or not to click: can we trust sponsored search results? | with Maarten Janssen

In this episode, our guest Maarten Janssen helps us to explore the field of consumer (online) search. We discuss why economists are particularly interested in this topic and explore the reliability and dynamics of sponsored search results, uncovering t...
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  Discouraging consumption of sin goods – taxes versus nudges | with Dmitry Taubinsky

In this episode, we explore with Dmitry Taubinsky economic approaches on regulating sin goods such as alcohol or sugary beverages. We discuss the classical approach of taxation and Dmitry compares the approach to nudging approaches. Our discussion lead...
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  Hidden Games: Exploring the rationality of irrational choices | with Moshe Hoffman

In this episode, we explore the often misunderstood relationship between game theory and human behaviour. Our guest Moshe Hoffman challenges the conventional belief that game theory only applies to rational actors. As Moshe explains in his book “Hidden...
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  Avoid sending mixed signals! – signaling in negotiations and beyond | with Uri Gneezy

In this episode we are talking to Uri Gneezy about his latest book publication “Mixed Signals – How Incentives Really Work”. He explains to us what mixed signals are and makes us aware that we encounter them far more frequently than one would expect. W...
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  The Economist's Brain: Tracing Choices with Neuroeconomic Insights | with Juan D. Carrillo

In this episode, we explore together with our guest Juan D. Carrillo the confluence of economics and neuroscience in understanding human decision-making processes. We delve into how the combination of these two disciplines can illuminate the biological...
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  Feeding America – allocating food to food banks with innovative market mechanisms | with Canice Prendergast

In this episode, we discuss with Canice Prendergast how market design mechanisms can be applied in social services. Canice shares how he collaborated with Feeding America on optimally allocating about 300 million pounds of food per year to hundreds of ...
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  Does opaque AI lead to a catastrophe? – a Game Theorist’s view | with Jeffrey Ely

In this episode, we discuss with Jeff Ely a topic that has gotten significant public attention last year with the introduction of Chat GPT and similar programmes: The role of AI. Jeff shares his research with Balazs Szentes on a natural selection model...
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