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  (Nuclear) Deterrence as a Game Theoretic concept | with Frank Zagare

In this episode we are talking to Frank Zagare about deterrence. The term gained popularity in particular during the cold war to describe the role of nuclear weapons in Soviet-American relations and, in light of recent events, has surfaced again. Toget...
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  Would you return a lost wallet? – Economist’s perspective on honesty | with Michel Maréchal

In this episode we are talking to Michel Maréchal about honesty from an economist’s perspective. He shares with us two studies he has conducted on honesty: Firstly, we talk about a mega-study in which Michel and his colleagues have tested in more than ...
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  In plain sight - why simplicity should be considered in game theoretic concepts | with Shengwu Li

In this episode we are talking to Shengwu Li about simplicity in game theoretic concepts. He explains to us, what simple means in this context, how this notion facilitates application of game theory to the "real world" and what an obviously dominant st...
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  Picking up speed - how companies can make headway in reaching CO2 targets | with Daniel Helmig

For many companies reaching their self-imposed CO2 targets has become quite a tall order. While procurement has tried to rise to the occasion progress is often slow. In this episode we are talking to Daniel Helmig who explains to us how companies can g...
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  Cracking the Code: Incentivising teams in non-routine tasks | with Florian Englmaier

In this episode, our guest Florian Englmaier explores the effectiveness of monetary incentives in driving team efficiency and innovation. He shares insights from an experimental study conducted in an escape room setting, uncovering surprising findings...
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  Learning from a negotiation expert - the role of ‘tactical empathy’ | with Chris Voss

In this episode we are talking to Chris Voss. He is a former FBI hostage negotiator and has written a bestselling book “Never split the difference”. We discuss with him, what we can learn from hostage negotiations about negotiations in other settings, ...
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  Let’s go to the movies! – Game Theory in films | with Santiago Sanchez-Pages

Let’s go to the movies! – Game Theory in films | with Santiago Sanchez-Pages In today’s episode, we discuss Game Theory in movies. Santiago shares in which movies the prisoner’s dilemma, the chicken game and other concepts are portrayed. The discussion...
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  Hidden Gems – Gathering insights from unconventional data sources | with Stefano DellaVigna

In this episode, our guest Stefano DellaVigna shares his approach to answering research questions through various data sources, including lab experiments, natural experiments, and field experiments. We explore the significance of seeking out natural ex...
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  Behind the Stars: Uncovering the Biases in Online Reviews | with Tommaso Bondi

In this episode Tommaso Bondi shares his research on cultural markets with us. We take a deep dive into the insights he gained when studying online reviews and he explains to us why, counterintuitively, earning public recognition does not necessarily l...
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  A Tale of Two Players: Exploring the Rubinstein Bargaining Model | with Ariel Rubinstein

In today’s episode, we explore one of the classics in Bargaining theory: The Rubinstein Bargaining Model. And we have found the perfect guest - who better to explain this bargaining model than its founder Ariel Rubinstein himself! Ariel not only shares...
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