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  Episode 62: The Shelter

Alex Borovenskiy and Anabell Ramires run a theater in Kyiv, Ukraine. It's called ProEnglish Theatre, and was used as a bomb shelter during World War II. When Russia invaded Ukraine, Alex and Anabell decided to leave their apartment and go to the theate...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author

  Episode 61: "The show is coming back!"

As a kid, Josh Dela Cruz used to watch Blue’s Clues with his little sister. The show was entirely animated except for a single human - Steve - who talked to the audience and asked for their help to solve puzzles. In 2018, after years of Blue's Clues be...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author

  Episode 60: How Have You Been?

Five years ago, on Valentine's Day, we started a show about the ways we’re connected to each other. Today, we’re catching up with some of the people we’ve met. Say hello on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow the show and review us on Apple Podcast...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author

  Episode 59: Bill Russell, King of the Court

When Bill Russell joined the NBA in the 1950s, he was the only Black player on the Celtics. He went on to win 11 championships, more than any player in basketball history. When President Barack Obama awarded him the Medal of Freedom in 2011, he said: “...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author

  Episode 58: Always Tomorrow

A woman becomes a best-selling novelist by writing more than 100 books about her first romance. Find out more about Brenda Jackson’s books here. This episode contains adult material. Say hello on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow the show and rev...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author

  Episode 57: Nelson’s Camera

In 1983, Nelson Sullivan picked up a video camera and started filming everything – going to nightclubs in New York City, shopping at the grocery store, even waiting for a flight at the airport. "He became the narrator of his own life story.” Special th...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author

  Episode 56: You've Got Mail

Delia Ephron has worked on some of the most famous romantic comedies of all time – like Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail – alongside her sister, Nora Ephron. In You’ve Got Mail, two people fall in love over email. Decades after writing that sc...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author

  Episode 55: The Rescue

Last November, George Linnane found himself at the bottom of a hole, deep inside a cave. He was badly injured after falling more than two stories. And the only people who could rescue him were his friends in the caving community. "If somebody is in tro...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author

  Episode 54: Grace and Julia

Grace Young remembers her parents were obsessed with food growing up — they went shopping every day for groceries and every night they cooked traditional Cantonese dishes for dinner. She started to learn to cook when she was young, but not from her par...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author

  Episode 53: Desperate In Rockland

Meredith Goldstein started giving her mother dating advice when she was a teenager, and today she offers people advice as the author of the Love Letters column for The Boston Globe. She says: “My favorite letters are breakup letters because it doesn't ...
  Vox Media Podcast Network author