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  Making European Freedom of Movement (Madeleine Dungy)

Freedom movement just means removing migration barriers and letting people move around freely - or does it? In this episode, Madeleine Dungy of NTNU Trondheim discusses the complicated making of European free movement in the 1960s and 1970s with RECET ...
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  Nuclear Energy: From Dark Past to Green Future? (Anna Weichselbraun, Elisabeth Röhrlich, Stephen G. Gross)

In this special edition of the RECET transformative podcast, we revisit the recent RECET festival, where speakers from around the globe discussed ‘Green Transformations.’ In this excerpt, three panelists charted the history of nuclear energy—from its ‘...
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  Racism Against Easter Europeans in Germany (Jannis Panagiotidis, Hans-Christian Petersen)

Is there such a thing as racism against people from Eastern Europe - people who in their majority would be considered"white" in terms of skin color? Drawing on historical and contemporary insights, in this episode RECET scientific director Jannis Panag...
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  The Liberal Exodus? (Félix Krawatzek)

Who are the people who left Russia after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022? Is this an exodus of politically active liberals in opposition to the regime? What role does the military mobilization of young men play? ...
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  Radio and Politics in Czechoslovakia (Rosamund Johnston)

What does radio tell us about state socialism and the post-1945 history of Czechoslovakia? In this episode, Rosamund Johnston (RECET) tells Jelena Đureinović (also RECET) about radio and politics in socialist Czechoslovakia, highlighting the role of ra...
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  Intra-Yugoslav Albanian Migration during Socialism (Rory Archer)

The always growing knowledge production about socialist Yugoslavia has not sufficiently or adequately addressed the histories of Albanians in Yugoslavia. During the socialist period, many Albanians migrated in search of work from Kosovo and Macedonia t...
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  SPECIAL ISSUE: Knowlegeable Youth (Carine Chen, Irena Remestwenski)

Over the past year and a half, RECET has carried out its very first youth project titled "Knowledgeable Youth: Science Communication in Times of War". Together with our partners Eurozine and Radio Orange, we reached out to Ukrainian refugee youngsters ...
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  Sea, Sex and Tourism in Socialist Yugoslavia (Anita Buhin)

Who were the Yugoslav Casanovas of mass tourism? What are the practices of othering and meanings behind romantic and sexual encounters of local young men and foreign female tourists in the Yugoslav Adriatic? In this episode, Anita Buhin tells Jelena Đu...
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  Upward Mobility through Higher Education in Socialist Poland (Agata Zysiak)

What obstacles did first generation students face in socialist Poland? And how might their biographies help us design affirmative action drives today? In this episode of the Transformative Podcast, Dr. Agata Zysiak tells Rosamund Johnston (RECET) how p...
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  Will Ukrainian Refugees Return? (Olena Yermakova)

Ukrainian refugees make up a staggering number - over 6 million globally. Millions more left before 2022 as labour migrants. What are these people's intentions for returning? Who will return, and who will stay? In this episode, Daniel Jerke (RECET) dis...
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