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  The Healthy Ageing Doctor: Doing This For 30s Will Burn More Fat Than A Long Run! Sitting Is The Silent Killer! - Vonda Wright

Are humans destined to grow old and frail? With these ultimate ageing hacks you gain turn back the clock and transform your life  Dr Vonda Wright is an orthopaedic sports medicine surgeon and host of the health and fitness podcast, ‘HOT for Your Healt...
  DOAC author

  Moment 171: STOP DOING THIS! It's Ruining Your Sex Life

In this moment, world-renowned philosopher and thinker Alain De Botton discusses how communication can lead to a better sex life. Alain says sex is like a mirror to the relationship as a whole. If something is wrong with a couples sex life, it’s usuall...
  DOAC author

  Josh Kaufman: The Shocking Link Between MBA & Career Success! The Easy Hack To Making Money Whilst You Sleep!

WARNING: this episode will teach you everything you would learn in a business degree, saving you $200,000 and 10,000 hours  Josh Kaufman is a renowned business expert and the author of the international best-selling book, ‘The Personal MBA’ which has ...
  DOAC author

  Moment 170: The Scientific Method For Unstoppable Confidence: Professor Steve Peters

In this moment, elite sport psychologist, Professor Steve Peters discusses the way to overcome low self-esteem. Often low self-esteem manifests itself outwardly in abusive relationships, the wrong career, and impulsive behaviours. Dr Peters says these ...
  DOAC author

  The Investing Expert: We’re Raising The Most Unhappy Generation In History! The Unseen Link Between Marriage & Wealth! Hard Work Doesn't Build Wealth! - Scott Galloway

The millionaire entrepreneur revealing Wall Street's secrets and simplifying finance for the masses Scott Galloway is a Professor of Marketing at the New York Stern School of Business and host of the ‘Pivot’ podcast about technology and business. He ...
  DOAC author

  The Gender Expert: Men Are Emotionally Dependent On Women & We're Treating Them Like Malfunctioning Women! Richard Reeves

500,000 men are dying by suicide, and 6% of men are unemployed, is masculinity in crisis? And what is the cure?  Richard Reeves is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and President of the American Institute for Boys and Men, an organisation t...
  DOAC author

  Moment 169: CIA Spy Reveals How To AVOID Media Manipulation & Brainwashing: Andrew Bustamante

In this moment, the former CIA intelligence officer Andrew Bustamante discusses the crucial techniques of manipulation, which he describes as a core part of CIA training. Andrew  introduces the R.I.C.E. analogy, which stands for Reward, Ideology, Coerc...
  DOAC author

  The Ozempic Expert: Ozempic Transforms Your Gut Microbiome! People Are Being Overdosed On Ozempic! Microdosing Saved My Life! - Dr Tyna Moore

It's the most effective weight loss drug ever, but could it have other miraculous benefits? Dr Tyna Moore is a certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician and expert in holistic regenerative medicine. She is also the host of ‘The Dr Tyna Show’ ...
  DOAC author

  The Sleep Scientist (NEW RESEARCH): Sleeping Patterns Can Predict Future Diseases! Sleep Deprivation Is A Silent Killer! The Painful Trick To Fix Poor Sleep - Dr Guy Leschinzer

Sleep walking, night terrors and even sleep murders, the mysteries of the sleeping brain revealed Professor Guy Leschinzer is a world-renowned expert in Neurology and Sleep Medicine at Guy’s Hospital London. He is also the author of books such as, ‘Th...
  DOAC author

  Moment 168: STOP Doing THIS! It's Killing Your Sleep!: The Fitness Scientist

You might have heard the phrase ‘circadian rhythm’ a lot but never really understood what it meant. In this moment, world-renowned human performance expert, Kristen Holmes gives a simple break down of this rhythm and its massive impacts. Kirsten says t...
  DOAC author