The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

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  Professor Scott Galloway: “This Is An Emergency!” The Number Of Men Having No Sex Increased 180%! (Why This Is Dangerous & How We Fix It)

From financial literacy to modern masculinity, Prof G has a theory for everything. In this new episode Steven sits down with world-leading marketing guru, Professor Scott Galloway. Scott began his career as a Fixed Income Analyst at Morgan Stanley, and...
  DOAC author

  Moment 129: Life Changing Lessons From The World's Longest (85 Years) Study On Happiness: Dr Robert Waldinger

In this moment, the director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest study of humans ever, Dr. Robert Waldinger gives the answers to some of the most important questions in life. Most people don’t know what they want are very bad at know...
  DOAC author

  Spotify Founder: “Spotify Was A Stupid Idea!” How A 23 Year Old Shy, Underdog, Introvert, Built A $31 Billion Business! - Daniel Ek

How to go from the Swedish housing projects to billionaire CEO of Spotify. In this new episode Steven sits down with the co-founder and CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek. Daniel Ek is a Swedish entrepreneur who started his first company in 1997 at just 14 year...
  DOAC author

  The Stress Doctor: Why You Should Always Look Into Someone’s Left Eye! & How Stress Leaks Through Skin, Is Contagious & Gives You Belly Fat! Dr. Tara Swart

Have you ever want to change your mind? Well what if you changed your brain instead? In this new episode Steven sits down with neuroscientist, executive advisor and author, Dr Tara Swart Bieber.  Dr Swart, has a PHD in Neuropharmacology and a past su...
  DOAC author

  Moment 128: How To Fix Your Sexless Relationship: Tracey Cox

Discover the keys to reigniting intimacy in your relationship with 'How To Fix Your Sexless Relationship' by renowned relationship expert Tracey Cox. This insightful guide offers practical advice and proven strategies to help you and your partner recon...
  DOAC author

  Nick Cannon: How I ACCIDENTALLY Built A $1.3 Billion Business & My Ex-Wife Mariah Carey Saved My Life!

Nick Cannon has lived many different lives, and if you ask him he’s won them all.  In this new episode Steven sits down with TV host, actor, rapper, and comedian, Nick Cannon. At 16 years old, Nick began performing stand-up comedy, a year after this ...
  DOAC author

  The No.1 Celebrity Therapist: The WEIRD Trick To Get Your Sex Life Back, Fix Erections & Increase Fertility! - Marisa Peer

Lie to yourself to have a better life! In this new episode Steven sits down for a second time with world renowned therapist and founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer.  Starting in 1984, Marisa has worked as a hypnotherapist and psych...
  DOAC author

  Moment 127: How To Build Unbreakable Confidence By Making This ONE Promise To Yourself: Chris Williamson

In this moment, YouTuber and podcaster Chris Williamson gives his best advice for building confidence. Chris believes that the most important step for achieving confidence is to lead with action. Acting first is more important than starting with positi...
  DOAC author

  Ashley Walters (Top Boy): "Me & Kano Didn't Have The Greatest Time!". The Unheard TRUTH About Top Boy, Career Rejection & Personal Grief!

From Asher D to Top Boy, prison to fame, Ashley Walters refuses to be told what he can or can’t do. In this new episode Steven sits down with rapper and actor, Ashley Walters. Ashley first gained popular attention in 2001 as Asher D, a member of Brit...
  DOAC author

  Trinny Woodall: How She Went From Drug Addict To Building A $300m Business Empire!

Age is bulls**t! From ‘What Not To Wear’ to a skincare and make-up empire, Trinny proves energy is everything. In this new episode, Steven sits down with fashion guru and CEO, Trinny Woodall Trinny became a household in 2001 as co-host for the makeov...