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  Ep183 Richard Brindle: If you’re good enough, you’re old enough

The Voice of Insurance podcast was very much made with guests like Richard Brindle in mind. A lot of people talk about being independent, but very few live it in the way today’s guest has done. And by that I mean independence of mind, thought and a...
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author

  Ep182 Tim Gardner & Bob Bisset Lockton Re: Let revenue take care of itself

I last spoke to today’s guests as part of last year’s The State of Reinsurance Special Episode from Monte Carlo. In that documentary-style podcast I spoke to over 20 people, so a one-on-one with this duo to look more closely at their still relatively ...
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author

  Ep181 Jean-Jacques Henchoz CEO Hannover Re: True partnership has a price

Today’s guest is exactly the right person to have on the show at exactly the right time. The reinsurance world is about to head down to Monaco for its annual global Rendez-Vous. So ahead of that, speaking to the CEO of the reinsurer that according ...
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author

  Special Ep Arun Balakrishnan CEO Xceedence: AI and Insurance - everything you need to know

Today’s guest is an insurance technology entrepreneur with a great story to tell. Arun Balakrishnan started his career at sea but went back to business school, became an internet entrepreneur and ended up captaining Berkshire Hathaway’s foray into th...
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author

  Ep180 Craig Kingaby CEO Meridian & Mark Heath CEO Acies: Playing our own game

The older we get the more we lament the passing of the great personalities in the marketplace. Over an after-work drink we tend to reminisce about the entrepreneurial characters of old and how we wish there were more of their kind today. I know I do. ...
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author

  Special Ep Amrit Santhirasenan CEO hyperexponential: How to win at the team sport of underwriting

Today’s guest is someone pretty unique for our sector because he’s a software engineer who became a senior actuary and then founded his own insurance-focused technology business. Amrit Santhirasenan, Co-founder and CEO at hyperexponential’s story is a...
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author

  Ep179 Antony Erotocritou CEO Ardonagh Specialty: We’re not slowing down

Today’s guest is someone with a fascinating story to tell. Today Antony Erotocritou is the CEO of Ardonagh Specialty but he has ridden the Ardonagh story all the way from its origins in the debt-for-equity swap for troubled UK retail consolidator Tow...
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author

  Ep178 Tony Ursano of Insurance Advisory Partners: A ton of fun!

Today’s guest is someone I should have had on the show a long time ago, but I’m really glad has finally got an episode to himself. Tony Ursano is the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Insurance Advisory Partners and is someone who has been right at t...
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author

  Special Ep Paul Templar and Sebastian Prosser of VIPR: Stop throwing people at the problem

Today’s guests are Paul Templar CEO and Sebastian Prosser, Head of Account Management at insurance technology solutions specialist VIPR. VIPR started out in the London Market 14 years ago. From day one its core offering was to provide a software solu...
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author

  Special Ep Warren Downey & Lee Anderson of Specialist Risk Group: Building a natural home for specialists

Today’s guests are Warren Downey Group CEO and Lee Anderson, Group Deputy CEO of UK-headquartered intermediary Specialist Risk Group (SRG). Warren was last on the show as part of two very early Special Episodes that SRG sponsored over three years ago....
  The Voice of Insurance Mark Geoghegan author