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  Norway's Arctic Circle Battery Powerhouse With Tom Jensen

In this episode, Robert meets Tom Jensen, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of FREYR Battery. He also holds an MSc in Finance and Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics. With a profound commitment to revolutionizing the energy landscape, Tom'...

  The Blue Machine With Helen Czerski

Helen Czerski is a British physicist, oceanographer, and presenter for the Fully Charged Show. She is known for her expertise in fluid dynamics, particularly her research on the physical properties of bubbles and their impact on various natural phenome...

  High-Rise Heat Pumps With Belinda Gilbey and Aaron Graben

Bondi Energy retrofits multifamily and commercial buildings with heat pumps and other energy-efficiency equipment and is passionate about affecting positive change in the environment through energy-efficiency projects, co-founded by Belinda Gilbey and ...

  The Hydrogen Enigma With Emily Pontecorvo

Emily Pontecorvo is an accomplished American journalist renowned for her expertise in environmental reporting and sustainable energy. She also holds a Masters in Science Writing from MIT. Emily is a staff writer at Heatmap News. Previously she was a st...

  Ensuring Clean Energy For The Next Generation With Chris O' Riley

Returning to the podcast today is the CEO of BC Hydro, Chris O'Riley. BC Hydro is the proud sponsor of FC Live Canada. With a strong background in engineering and finance, he navigates the complexities of power generation, transmission, and distributio...

  Liquid Metal with Prof. Donald Sadoway

Prof. Donald Sadoway is a prominent scientist renowned for his breakthroughs in materials chemistry and renewable energy. As a professor at MIT, he's acclaimed for developing the innovative "liquid metal battery," a potential game-changer in renewable ...

  Two Paths - Toyota's or Tesla's? With James Carter

James Carter is a mobility futurist, and thought leader with a LinkedIn following of over 60,000. He has rich experience in Automotive that spans 20 years and 3 different continents. James grew up in rural Australia around cars, raced go-karts and went...

  Zero Carbon Nosh, with BOSH! Henry Firth and Ian Theasby

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby are the dynamic duo behind BOSH!, a brand that has taken the plant-based culinary world by storm. With their infectious energy, creative recipes, and a mission to make plant-based eating accessible and exciting, Henry and Ia...

  An Incredible Shift in Power With Emma Pinchbeck

Emma Pinchbeck is the CEO of Energy UK, a position that she has held since July 2020. She is an expert in whole-economy decarbonisation and the energy transition. She also holds several board advisory positions. From 2016 to 2020, she served as Deputy ...

  The Godfather Of EVs with Dr Andy Palmer

In this episode, we welcome back Andy Palmer onto the pod. Andy is a chartered engineer and automotive executive. Having served in leadership positions at both Nissan and Aston Martin. At Nissan, Andy is best remembered for transforming the product lin...