Let's Talk About Women

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  Let's Talk About Hormonal Sensitivity

Welcome to this episode with Vibe Froekjaer, Professor in Neuropsychiatry at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Copenhagen University, Denmark. Join us as Vibe and Franziska delve into the question of why some women are more vulnerable to mental heal...

  Let's Talk About Research on Hormonal Contraceptives

In this episode, PhD candidate Franziska Weinmar interviews Dr. Adriene Beltz, visiting Tübingen from the University of Michigan. The topic of today’s episode are hormonal intrauterine devices, short IUD. From contraceptives beyond the “pill” and hormo...

  Let's Talk About Hormonal Fluctuations Across the Female Lifespan

Welcome to a special episode, coming to you live and on-site from the Lorentz Center in Leiden, the Netherlands!The Lorentz Center serves as a dynamic workshop hub, hosting international scientific meetings which bring together brilliant minds and fost...

  Let's Talk About the Parental Brain

Tune in to this episode for an enlightening conversation on the profound transformations of the brain in transition to mother- and parenthood: PhD candidate Franziska is interviewing Dr. Magdalena Martínez-García, researcher in the “Neuromaternal” grou...

  Let's Talk About Stress & Stress Regulation

With our first episode in 2024, we are back and ready to talk about stress and stress regulation! In this episode PhD candidate Franziska Weinmar hosts Dr. Lydia Kogler, a clinical psychologist by training, expert on the neuroscience of stress and asso...

  Let's Talk About the Power of Natural Rhythms

In this episode, we're hosting cognitive neuroscientist Prof. Sara Mednick who is visiting TĂĽbingen all the way from the University of California, Irvine. Being an expert in biorhythms, she explains the importance of natural up- and downstates such as ...

  Let's Talk About Psycho-Neuro-Immunology in Pregnancy

In this episode we talk about one of the major transition periods many women will undergo throughout their life: pregnancy. How does the field of psych-neuro-immunology help us to understand pregnancy and related mental health problems?  From Uppsala i...

  Let's Talk About Translational Research

After our summer break, we're back - so: Let's Talk About Women!In this episode, we're hosting the one and only Dr. Liisa Galea (Center of Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada). PhD candidate Franziska Weinmar asks Liisa all about translational...

  Let's Talk About Sleep

Welcome back to Let’s Talk About Women! In this episode, PhD Student Franziska Weinmar is talking to Dr. Christian Benedict about something that we all love: sleep. But how do women sleep? Christian and Franziska are diving deeper into the jungle of sl...

  Let's Talk About the Fe/Male Brain - Part 3

Welcome to this Let’s Talk About Women special!Over three parts, PhD Student Franziska Weinmar is taking you on site to the Fe/Male Brain Symposium held Tübingen, April 2023. In interviews, three speakers of the symposium, all of which are pioneers in ...