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  [EN] Lecturers without Borders - Eugenia Covernton

Lecturers without Borders  wants to bring scientists and school students together. It is an exciting project and for this episode I talked to Eugenia Covernton, who's leading the non-profit organisation. So, if you are a travelling researcher or RSE, o...
  Peter Schmidt author

  [EN] scikit-learn: Software is People

scikit-learn is a highly successful and popular Python library for data science and machine learning. It is open source and has a large contributor base. I had the pleasure to meet with some of the scikit-learn team to talk about how they got involved ...
  Peter Schmidt author

  [EN] Building Data Science Teams - Alan Turing Institute Skills and Policy Award - Part I

In this episode I meet with Dr Emma Karoune and some of her colleagues from The Alan Turing Institute in London to talk about who and what skills we need to create and run modern data science teams. Emma is one of the awardees...
  Peter Schmidt author

  [EN] ByteSized RSE: the Citation File Format - Jason Maassen

This ByteSized RSE episode talks about the Citation File Format (CFF) , created in 2017 to promote the inclusion of software in scientific papers. My guest is Jason Maassen from the eScience Center in the Netherl...
  Peter Schmidt author

  [DE] deRSE24 - Die RSE Konferenz in Würzburg

Die diesjährige Konferenz des deRSE Vereins in Deutschland fand in Würzburg zwischen dem 5.März und 7.März statt.Es gab, wie auch schon letztes Jahr viele interessante Schwerpunktthemen, wie z.B. Continuous Integration oder Teaching RSE. In dieser Folg...
  Peter Schmidt author

  [EN] Crossing the Language Barrier - Yanina Saibene

Yanina Saibene is well known in the R community and from her work e.g. in the Software Carpentries. In this episode we talk about what it takes to localise and translate training programs and indeed software applications and packages. https://yabellini...
  Peter Schmidt author

  [EN] From Rock Climbing to AI - Janan Arslan

I had the pleasure of meeting with Janan Arslan in Paris in 2023. Janan has a fascinating career path that involved not only forensics but also various roles in AI in medicine, which is what she now does at the Brain Institute in Paris.https://www.inri...
  Peter Schmidt author

  [EN] ByteSized RSE: User Experience Design - Maeg Doherty

In this session we talk about the importance of user experience and user experience design. My guest is Maeg Doherty, who works for the National Institutes of Health in the USA and is a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI). https://www...
  Peter Schmidt author

  [DE] Es tut sich was im RSE-Land - mit Beiträgen vom deRSE, GI und NFDI

In dieser Folge hören wir Beiträge vom Vorstand des Vereins zur Forschungssoftwareentwicklung deRSE e.V.,  Anna-Lena Lamprecht und der RSE Arbeitsgruppe in der Gesellschaft für Informatik und Bernd Flemisch und Martin Hammitzsch über deren Arbeit im NF...
  Peter Schmidt author

  [EN] Open Source Projects & Communities - Chris Holdgraf from 2i2c

In this episode I talk to Chris Holdgraf, executive director of about what it takes to manage and run open source organisations. Open source projects come with unique challenges (and opportunities) and I think Chris brings important in...
  Peter Schmidt author