Throwbacks: Stories from Pro Football History

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  Throwbacks #4: Origins

How did the draft and the NFL become what it is today? We tell you the stories of the first NFL Draft, as well as the one man whose vision molded the league you know and love. Music featured in this episode by the following (in order of appearance):  E...

  Throwbacks #3: Mysterious

President Nixon wasn't the only president to resign on August 8th, 1974. This week, we tell the story of the downfall of the WFL, as well as the story of the most hyped player to never play a game. Or did he?Music featured in this episode by the follow...

  Throwbacks #2: On second thought

Not every idea works out. In this episode, we highlight a few from pro football's history that failed. We tell the stories of a new uniform numbering system, the biggest waiver steal of all time, and a choose-your-own-adventure football game where the ...

  Throwbacks #1: The Blondy Wallace scandal

The year is 1906. Ohio pro teams Canton and Massillon have assembled dream teams consisting of the best players in the country. NFP, along with the Professional Football Researchers Association, is proud to bring you the story of the first, and maybe b...