Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

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  Nom Ceramics on developing layered glaze surfaces

Rebecca and Scott Proctor formed Nom Ceramics in 2019 after years of working in the same studio. Their functional and sculptural collaborations are glazed with layers of patterns that melt together in their soda kiln firings. In our interview we talk a...
  Ben Carter author

  John Born on improvising within a vocabulary of form

John Born is an artist working in sculpture and drawing based in New York City. In his recent show at Curatorial and Co. in Sydney he showed a series of his signature composite forms made from stacked ceramic shapes. In our interview we talk about his ...
  Ben Carter author

  Ashlyn Pope on integrating woven elements into ceramics

Ashlyn Pope is a ceramic and fiber artist of Gullah descent who describes her work as representing “restriction and limitation of the Black body throughout American history, and the hope and vision to realize a different future.” In our interview we ta...
  Ben Carter author

  Rhonda Willers on embracing creative growth

Rhonda Willers uses functional pottery, sculptural vessels, and installation to focus on ideas of fragility and the passage of time. In our interview we talk about her 2019 installation Alone Together, her work in ceramics, and her book Terra Sigillat...
  Ben Carter author

  Nick Lenker on sculpting his digital world into 3D

Nick Lenker draws from video games to make ceramic sculptures that seem to have jumped right out of a pixelated computer screen into real life. In our interview we talk about his process of building with slabs before applying custom decals, investigati...
  Ben Carter author

  Lisa Orr on developing psychedelic low-fire glazes

Lisa Orr started working with low-fire ceramics decades ago, moving through majolica before developing a unique psychedelic color palette. In our interview we talk about matching thermal expansion of clay and glaze, side stacking glaze wares, and devel...
  Ben Carter author

  Kathleen Clark on The White House China

Kathleen Clark is an award-winning photographer, whose career includes numerous exhibitions and serving as Photo Director for Los Angeles magazine and LA Weekly. Her series The White House China, depicts historical events from each American president p...
  Ben Carter author

  Fund Drive: Live from NCECA with Lisa Giuliani and Brian Kakas

Today on the show I’m joined by Brian Kakas and Lisa Giuliani for a discussion about the changing landscape of ceramic education. In the interview we talk about demographic shifts and closures in higher education, craft school education, and helping an...
  Ben Carter author

  Fund Drive: Stephanie Seguin on tactile learning

Stephanie Seguin is a functional potter based in Helena, MT, where she makes table and service ware. She is also the education manager at the Archie Bray Foundation where she has helped shape the education program as the organization has emerged from t...
  Ben Carter author

  Fund Drive: Judi Tavill on blending drawing with sculpture

Judi Tavill has had a broad career in the arts starting in fashion and now creating biomorphic ceramic sculpture. In our interview we talk about her career in fashion, blending drawing with sculpture, and preparing for her upcoming solo show at the Ivy...
  Ben Carter author