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  The onset of "Senior Engineer Fatigue" (News)

Luminousmen writes about Senior Engineer Fatigue, Microsoft rethinks its AI-based Recall feature, Mike Hoye gives a big shout out to the “diff” program, Thom Holwerda covers ChromeOS’ quiet switch to Android Linux subsystems & Mihail Eric tells the...
  Changelog Media author

  Putting the Apple in AI (Friends)

Justin Searls joins us for hot takes on Apple’s 2024 WWDC keynote. Apple Intelligence stole the show, but did it steal our hearts? Oh, and we learn all about Justin’s Vision Pro Life and how he hopes/expects Apple’s latest device to improve in future i...
  Changelog Media author

  1999: A Film Odyssey (Changelog++ 🔐) (Friends)

Adam & Jerod hallway-track-it between Microsoft Build interviews. Was 1999 the best year in film history? Was 2004 the worst? Have you heard the full story behind Blues Traveler’s “Hook”? Are you still reading this? Go listen! (This episode is for ...
  Changelog Media author

  Retired, not tired. (Interview)

Kelsey Hightower is back to share more of his wisdom. This time it’s one year after his retirement from Google. But guess what? He might be “retired,” but he’s not tired. In this episode Kelsey shares what drives him, what he fears, and how he thinks t...
  Changelog Media author

  Apple finally gets Siri-ous (News)

Apple announces its “new” style of AI, piku gives you “git push” deployment on your own servers, Dabo Chen rebuilds nanoGPT in a spreadsheet, Mark Seemann thinks you’ll regret using natural keys in your database design & Glyph Lefkowitz describes h...
  Changelog Media author

  #define: legendary (Friends)

What happens when you take three #define newbs (Thomas Eckert, Nick Nisi, Mat Ryer) & pit them against the grizzled vet, Adam? Find out on this episode because our award-worthy game of fake definitions is back & this time it’s even more legenda...
  Changelog Media author

  Microsoft is all-in on AI: Part 2 (Interview)

Mark Russinovich, Eric Boyd & Neha Batra join us to discuss the state of AI for Microsoft and OpenAI at Microsoft Build 2024. It’s safe to say that Microsoft is all-in on AI.
  Changelog Media author

  Yet another open source rug pull (News)

A popular open source iOS authenticator app goes rogue under new ownership, Andreas Kling steps back from SerenityOS & forks Ladybird, Vhyrro takes a thought-provoking try at a “static effect system”, Matt Bessey is over GraphQL & Marc-Andre Gi...
  Changelog Media author

  Is it too late to opt out of AI? (Friends)

Tech lawyer Luis Villa returns to answer our most pressing questions: what’s up with all these new content deals? How did Google think it was a good idea to ship AI Summaries in its current state? Is it too late to opt out of AI? We also discuss AI in ...
  Changelog Media author

  Microsoft is all-in on AI: Part 1 (Interview)

Scott Guthrie joins the show this week from Microsoft Build 2024 to discuss Microsoft being all-in on AI. From Copilot, to Azure AI and Prompty, to their developer first focus, leading GitHub, VS Code being the long bet that paid off, to the future of ...
  Changelog Media author