Sunday Night at the Library (mp3)

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  Episode 8: The Computer Revolution

Presidents' Day Special: Jonathan, Evan, and DJ Awesome sit down to discuss the latest IBM computer phenomenon.
  Jonathan Ehrlich author

  Episode 7: Will You be My Valentine?

Love Valentine's day? Don't love Valentine's day? Ambivalent? Either way, listen in this week for Jonathan and Amanda's thoughts on the day o' love and how you should prepare.
  Jonathan Ehrlich author

  Episode 6: Welcome Back

Welcome back to campus! SNL promises to feature tons of awesome new episodes this semester, as awesome as a 5-minute podcast can be. Listen to our new co-host make her debut on this episode! Music on this episode is "Flying While Weeping" from danosong...
  Jonathan Ehrlich author

  Episode 5: The Last Few Souls

Still in the library studying for those last few finals while all of your friends have gone home because they are done? Don't worry. It will be over soon. Now there is even less stopping you from procrastinating. Take a rest. You deserve it. Happy wint...
  Jonathan Ehrlich author

  Episode 4: End of Classes = NQR

Finished with classes? Need to blow off some steam before studying for finals? How does running around campus in the freezing cold sound? How about with no clothes? Special guest appearance.
  Jonathan Ehrlich author

  Episode 3: Bus Ride to Heaven

What would it be like to drive the campus shuttle?
  Jonathan Ehrlich author

  Episode 2: Thanksgiving Break

Recordings taken over thanksgiving break.
  Jonathan Ehrlich author

  Episode 1

How is it that the library can be so unproductive?
  Jonathan Ehrlich author