Standard Deviants

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  Ep 60 Cody Nails It

Mandi joins Mike (@MikeKatsimbris) and Brett (@SherwoodBrett) before Cody sits in to ask his questions on North Carolina and the LGBT community. Also, a side note, I (Mike) say "race relations have gotten better. In, or out of, historical context, that...

  Ep 59 - God's IT

In this episode, Mike (@MikeKatsimbris) and Brett (@SherwoodBrett) talk about how a church tries to get along with generational gaps, and how IT plays a role in our lives and within generational gaps. Also discussed, if people want tech, the freedom a...

  Ep 58 - Late Night

This week, Mike (@MikeKatsimbris) and Brett (@SherwoodBrett) invite Cody over to talk about the current state of late night tv. (Recorded April 13, 2016)
  Standard Deviants author

  Ep 57 - (Special) The Kingdom

We've been off the air since Mike's (@MikeKatsimbris) wife entered the hospital with some pregnancy complications. At 26 weeks, his son Jenson was born. While Mike has been busy, Brett (@SherwoodBrett) and the gang deicided to make a gift of a show wit...
  Standard Deviants author

  Ep 56 - Chimera (Not the Mission Impossible 2 Disease)

In this episode, Brett (@SherwoodBrett), Mike (@MikeKatsimbris) talk about a disease that leaves a genetic imprint within you that is not yours. (Recorded November 18, 2015)
  Standard Deviants author

  Ep 55 - Okay I'll Put It In

In this episode, Brett (@SherwoodBrett), Mike (@MikeKatsimbris), and their wives (it's imminent for Brett, so Ann is pretty much is wife in a few weeks) talk about dumb sex questions. (Recorded June 6, 2015)
  Standard Deviants author

  Ep 54 - Lady in Red Zone

Updates abound. And Brett goes to war like a good mother should. (Recorded May 4, 2015)
  Standard Deviants author

  Ep 53 - Noisemakers

In today's episode, Brett (@SherwoodBrett) and Mike (@MikeKatsimbris) discound the genre of Metal Core, and the virtues of sound engineering. Don't forget to comment at (Recorded March 31, 2015)
  Standard Deviants author

  Ep 52 - Car Builds and Car History

In today's episode, Brett (@SherwoodBrett) and Mike (@MikeKatsimbris) welcome Mike Cinelli back to talk about car history and car builds. (Recorded March 25, 2015) Don't forget that if you want to comment, head on over to, or hit us...
  Standard Deviants author

  Ep 51 - Everything is a Work

In this episode of Standard Deviants, Mike (@MikeKatsimbris) and Brett (@SherwoodBrett) investigate publicity stunts. Comment at (Recorded March 3, 2015)
  Standard Deviants author