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  Endless Curiosity (The Last Episode)

This is the last episode of She Explores. In it, we say farewell, reflect on endings, and invite past guests of the show to share the lessons they’ve learned in the outdoors over the last few years. Through these women’s stories, we’re reminded how imp...
  Jaymie Shearer, Sydney Williams, Shon't Savage, Tori Duhaime, Hailey Hirst, Hiranya de Alwis Jayasinghe, Noël Russell, Gale Straub, Gabaccia Moreno author

  A Deeper Connection - Mugdha Flores

Mugdha Flores is proof of where your passion for science and the natural world can take you. From playing in tide pools as a child in Southern India, to mapping the undiscovered corners of the ocean, to surveying salmon as they make their long journey ...
  Mugdha Flores, Gale Straub author

  Becoming a Mermaid - Irene Marcoux

When Irene Marcoux was growing up and playing at her local pool, she didn’t dream of becoming a mermaid. She was a mermaid. Those early days of freedom and play were her gateway to a life in the water. And because she’s a big believer in the fact that ...
  Irene Marcoux, Gale Straub author

  Fluidity in Recovery: Antoinette Lee Toscano

A life-changing rappelling accident lead Antoinette Lee Toscano to choose to live the life of outdoor adventure she’d always dreamed of. And since then, she’s dedicated herself to helping others make it easier to shape their lives for the better, too.A...
  Antoinette Lee Toscano, Gale Straub author

  A Student of the Sea: Olivia VanDamme

Olivia VanDamme’s hope is that one day, in her older years, she’ll be at the beach, covered in seaweed and still contributing to community science. Olivia has always felt comforted, alive, and happy in the ocean. And as an educator, poet, singer, envir...
  Olivia VanDamme, Gale Straub author

  Immersed in Swimming: Eden Elgeti

Eden Elgeti is a wild and pool swimmer in the United Kingdom, and is featured in our new book, Women and Water. The first line in her profile is, “I often joke through winter that I’d be more than happy to not swim and just turn up for the post-swim co...
  Eden Elgeti, Gale Straub author

  Finding Freedom in Swimming: Bonnie Tsui

Bonnie Tsui's book, Why We Swim, dropped at a time when we were all looking for guidance on how to move our bodies in ways that took us out of our heads and into our element. But its message is continuous. Why We Swim is a must-read whether you think o...
  bonnie tsui, Gale Straub author

  We Know You'll Love: Wild for Scotland's "Creature of the Sea"

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a series of interviews with some incredible humans who are featured in Women and Water - a new book from the team behind She Explores. We’ll take the conversation off the page and into their relationship with water...
  Kathi Kamleitner, Fran Turauskis, Jen Austin, Gale Straub author

  Living the Vanlife: Noami Grevemberg

Noami Grevemberg is a leader in the world of vanlife, and the founder of Diversify Vanlife, a platform that highlights less-heard voices in vanlife, road travel, and nomadic communities. It’s also a resource that helps break down barriers to accessing ...
  Gale Straub, Noami Grevemberg author

  How Do We Spend Time Alone? Creative Fuel

When writer Florence Williams’ 25-year marriage falls apart, it sets her on a journey to explore the science behind loneliness. Photographer Alexandra de Steiguer has spent the last quarter century spending her winters solo as a caretaker in the Isle o...
  Gale Straub author