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  JunkMan Uncaged Podcast Episode #002

  Howdy! Listen to the podcast. Comment on it. Send me an email at KFYIJunkMan@gmail.com. And subscribe! Here we go …Filed under: Christ, Dr. Who, Family, Family Values, Fathers, Fishing, Happiness, Jesus, KFYI, Podcasts, Stargazing, The Word, Video Pr...
  John F. McJunkin author

  JunkMan Uncaged Podcast #001

  Finally … and it’s about time.  This summer has been a whirlwind for me – maybe I shouldn’t have chosen to pursue this podcast right now, but with the impending election and all the craziness in our world, I simply had to do it.  So now that I’m out ...
  John F. McJunkin author

  JunkMan Uncaged Podcast Episode #0

  Here’s JunkMan Uncaged Podcast Episode #0, a little lengthier installment with actual, real content!  It’s a day late (6/25/14 podcast on 6/26/14 – sorry!) I would deeply appreciate if you’d give it a listen and comment on it.  It’s a work in progres...
  John F. McJunkin author

  JunkMan Uncaged Podcast Episode -1

  Time to get the audio podcast up and running – can hardly wait to hear what you think. Give it a listen, then email me at JunkManUncaged@gmail.com. You can also Tweet to me: @JunkManUncaged And of course, you can comment right here – doesn’t matter w...
  John F. McJunkin author