Northeast Minneapolis Audio-guided Walking Tours

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  The Noon Whistle (Central Avenue)

The Noon Whistle Tour follows some of the founding footsteps of Northeast residents. In the past, as today, food is a vital part of Northeasters lives. When the Noon Whistle blew, workers at Aaron Carlson Millworks, General Mills, Crown Ironworks, and ...
  Macy Ashby, Jonathan Hamilton, Abby Fields, Monica Hanson, Mary Larson, Peter Schroeder, Sienna Schuth author

  Never The Same River Twice (Bottineau Neighborhood) [Updated 28 Nov, 2009]

Never the same river twice looks at the flow of time and circumstance as the architect of change in Northeast Minneapolis. Starting at the banks of the Mississippi River we follow the river and the development of the Bottineau area since Pierre Bottine...
  Jennifer Arave, Andy Dayton, Kirsten Rome, Allen Kendall, Glenn Smith, Marquis Weis Smith author