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Date Title & Description Contributors

  Linux Action News 299

Recent advances in embedded Linux, Canonical takes full control of LXD, ZFS gets a handy Btrfs feature, and updates on the show's production.
  Jupiter Broadcasting author

  Linux Action News 298

Why everyone is excited about the next Linux kernel, Valve's big hire, and Red Hat's clone war.
  Jupiter Broadcasting author

  Linux Action News 297

What we really like in Debian 12, the big players backing RISC-V, and the improvements in NextCloud Hub 5. Note: Linux Action News will be off next week.
  Jupiter Broadcasting author

  Linux Action News 296

Ubuntu gets serious about the immutable desktop, red flags from Red Hat, and the little tricks Apple used to patch Wine.
  Jupiter Broadcasting author

  Linux Action News 295

How the recent XFS bug was squashed, insights into why Microsoft built their own Linux from scratch, and recent attacks on
  Jupiter Broadcasting author

  Linux Action News 294

Microsoft's new Linux server distro, Red Hat Summit 2023 highlights, big changes at CodeWeavers, and Podman catches up to Docker Desktop.
  Jupiter Broadcasting author

  Linux Action News 293

Bcachefs hits a major milestone, how the Red Hat cuts impact Fedora, Plasma 6 plans, and the software update bricking EV batteries.
  Jupiter Broadcasting author

  Linux Action News 292

We get you up to speed on two serious flaws, Linux's recent gaming loss, Ubuntu doubling down on RISC-V, and news from the Open Source Summit North America.
  Jupiter Broadcasting author

  Linux Action News 291

The results from the recent HDR Hackfest, Mozilla's new acquisition, and the concerning crack down on free software encryption.
  Jupiter Broadcasting author

  Linux Action News 290

What we know about the Red Hat layoffs, highlights of Linux 6.3, and Canonical's bold claim in Ubuntu 23.04.
  Jupiter Broadcasting author