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  Windows Still Sucks On Steam Deck

Valve faces an $843 million lawsuit, Steam Next Fest demo picks are in, TUXEDO has a Snapdragon-powered Linux prototype, the Epic store leaks upcoming games, and Windows still struggles on the Steam Deck.
  LinuxGameCast LLP author

  Team Fortress 2 Drops To Overwhelmingly Negative

Twitch disbands its safety council, Team Fortress 2 drops to ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’, GOG is deleting cloud saves
  LinuxGameCast LLP author

  Valve's Deadlock Trademark and 4.5 Slot GPU Madness

Valve trademarks Deadlock, EA removes their terribad launcher, MSI's 4.5 slot AIO GPU, clips are headed to Steam, and Bungie wins lawsuit against Aimjunkies.
  LinuxGameCast LLP author

  Where Do Steam Games Go When You Die?

Valve clarifies who can inherit your Steam library, NVIDIA (beta) drivers bring the Wayland, gamers suck at strategic thinking, The Matrix Awakens gets a Linux build, and IGN buys some of our favourite gaming websites.
  LinuxGameCast LLP author

  Valve's Deadlock Springs A Leak!

Valve's next game, Deadlock, springs a leak! PSN requirements prevent Ghost of Tsushima from being Steam Deck certified, Minecraft headed to Steam, and VR adoption is higher than expected?
  LinuxGameCast LLP author

  Zelda64Recomp Brings Majora's Mask To Linux

Collabora turbocharges Steam Deck updates. Humble has a Metroidvania Bundle. Custom Battlefield 4 servers are back with Warsow.
  LinuxGameCast LLP author

  Vanguard Breaks More Than Linux Support LOL

GeForce NOW adds improved support on Steam Deck, Nintendo nukes 8,535 YUZU forks, Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers releases after five years in development, Helldivers 2 review-bombing, and Van
  LinuxGameCast LLP author

  Nintendo DMCAs 20 Years Of Garry's MOD

Valve closes the Advanced Access refund loophole, Notebook Check says ProtonDB sucks, Nintendo goes all DMCA on Garry's Mod, open-source Fallout 1, and Proton Experimental hides your cores.
  LinuxGameCast LLP author

  Toss The Source To Your Witcher

Descent 3 goes open-source, Nvidia hires lead Nouveau developer, Team Fortress 2 gets a Vulkan button, 7 Days To Die exits Early Access, Witcher 3 source code leaks, and $300 chocolates from Valve.
  LinuxGameCast LLP author

  GODOT Slays The Spyre

Fallout 4 gets Steam Deck verified! Slay the Spire 2 switches to Godot, League of Legends breaks compatibility for 800 Linux users, and there's an open-source World of Warcraft server for your Blizzlike content.
  LinuxGameCast LLP author