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Please listen! author

  Linux Outlaws 370 – Stay Free, Stay Open Source

On the last episode of the show, Dan and Fab answer questions from the listeners, read out their comments, reminisce and talk about what's next including a new show coming in 2015. author

  Linux Outlaws 369 – Dan Lynch’s Hubcap Six

The final Digital Rights Update with Jim Killock and we discuss Android 5.0, the Sony Pictures Hack as well as the impending threat of J. J. Abrams. author

  Linux Outlaws 368 – The Dark Ages of Free Software

For the antepenultimate episode of the show, we catch up with Bradley Kuhn and discuss the current state and the future of F/OSS for over two hours. author

  Linux Outlaws 367 – Free as in GNU Piss

In this massive show, we discuss Snowden, psychoactive piss, Prince Philip's plan to kidnap the Loch Ness Monster and many of your emails. author

  Linux Outlaws 366 – The Imperial Hubcap Collection

Ubuntu turns ten, CSS turns 20, Microsoft open sources .NET, Windows 10 gets a package manager and Fab takes on Gamergate author

  Linux Outlaws 365 – Last Stand

After over seven years, the Linux Outlaws journey will come to an end in December and we explain how and why author

  Linux Outlaws 364 – You Weren’t There, Man!

Dan and Fab reminisce about OggCamp 14 and dwell on the good and the bad that happened on that weekend, including Steve the Bus Driver, Pete and the Bill, Ten-Pound-Buffet-Gate, Smokezebo and more author

  Linux Outlaws 363 – OggCamp 14 Podcaster Panel

Live to tape from OggCamp 14: A panel of all-star Linux podcasters discusses the question if open source is innovating enough author

  Linux Outlaws 362 – Hitler Funk

Off to OggCamp! author