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  Ubuntu made me puke in a bucket

And then a Playboy blogger saved my soulRadio Reg The world is a disgusting, filthy place. So, it's important to take a moment away from the turmoil from time-to-time, spread your legs and eat some aromatic pistou of borage. And, god bless, that's exac...

  Bill Gates battles Kermit the Frog in the name of open source

Twittering Shuttleworth's gasRadio Reg Every time Mark Shuttleworth farts an angel gets its wings. Or at least that's what his girlfriend told me.…

  Bill Gates cried to make the world a better place

Meanwhile, Google pays for Linus Torvalds' breakfastRadio Reg Is there a connection between an alleged coke-addicted CEO with a prostitute lair and open source? You bet there is - on Open Season.…

  Open source zealots fill with venom

While bumbling OLPC bumbles to MicrosoftRadio Reg Some pundits out there think you can't get rich off open source software. Well, that's just not true. As evidence, we bring you Mike Olson, the former CEO of Sleepycat Software who milked Oracle for mil...

  Open source software is<em>murder</em>

Just ask Oracle, Sun and MicrosoftRadio Reg In Russia, they say the only way to untold software riches is to partner with Microsoft. Or at least that's what Microsoft's Russian operatives are telling people these days.…

  There's no way Ballmer survives Yahoo! disaster scenario

Bring your hookah to the open source cloudRadio Reg Microsoft is buying Yahoo! to . . . oh, that's right no one from Redmond has really explained that one yet. Most of the pundits think Redmond has an ad play in mind. Well, the Open Season crew sees it...

  Ubuntu chief picks panda over penguin, while Microsoft rolls Novell

Wimpy open sourcers worked by Delta pilotsRadio Reg If you're ever staying at the HoJo in Victorville, California, be sure to hit up the gay bar next door and down a Chelada with this guy. He's a hoot, and I'm pretty sure he'd be all about open source ...

  Microsoft can pound sand with its IP - my grandma runs Ubuntu

Go on. Get your CotéRadio Reg It took an pundit with his own code-name to return Open Season to respectability.…

  Steve Jobs talks open source with<em>El Reg</em>

*Not really. But FSJ doesRadio RegThe Register, as many of you know, enjoys enormous pull with Apple.…

  On the open source implications of Dell's rodent abuse

Hamster meet penguinRadio Reg Does Dell making hamsters cry have anything at all to do with open source software? Not really. Still, the Open Season crew gathered for Episode 11 to draw any connection between Dell, rodent torture and open source code t...