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  Everyday Martial Artist Interview

Brian Doucette at Everyday Martial Artist contacted me to interview me about my story. We took some side routes along the way and I thought you may enjoy listening in. Get Weekly updates and workshops at : https://patreon.com/twsmith
  TW Smith author

  Understanding Knee Problems with Suzie Foreman

Suzie is a physical therapist with a background in martial arts. During this interview we will discuss how to recognize, rehab and prevent knee problems from a variety disciplines. Get access to new materials and videos at : https://patreon.com/twsmi...
  TW Smith author

  Be The Hero

Disaster strikes us at our core. Leaving us in fear and uncertain. The biological term for understanding how an organism experiences the world is called 'umvelt'. Can we reshape ourselves into the hero.
  TW Smith author

  Chained to the Body

A consensual fight took place in south China in the summer of 1872. Alfred Lister was introduced in the last podcast as an European writer, translator, politician and more, but not a martial artist. He witness this Martial Art's challenge match an...
  TW Smith author

  The Lost KungFu Manual

The Lost KungFu Manual The most beloved story in the world of Martial Arts is the lost training manual. Well, here is the story of one discovered by academic researchers, recently. - KungFu Podcasts with TW Smith : https://kungfupodcasts.com - Meet...
  TW Smith author

  Wrestling A President

Wrestling A President https://twsmith.us/meetme https://kungfupodcasts.com
  TW Smith author

  Can Tai Chi Make My Karate Better?

A recent question, "Can Tai Chi make my Shotokan Karate better", really peaked my interest. My personal response was 'of course' I have seen it many times over, and better yet, I have seen it make other things better. Golfers and swimmers both have ...
  TW. Smith author

  The Tool of Violence

Violence is neither self-defense or criminal, it is an Act. After the dust settles is where it is determined if it was justified violence or not. During this podcast we will look at the historical, philosophical and religious perspectives on violence,...
  TW. Smith author

  Put the Squeeze on Self Care

Since the Covid Pandemic Self Care has gone from a $10 Billion Industry to a $420 Billion Industry. People of EVERY age group are looking for ways to take better care of themselves. Due to the chaos and changes that our lives have gone through, peo...
  TW. Smith author

  Yip Man and the Prostitute

Magic and Sex as Power is present in every culture, to this day. An essay by Professor Ben Judkins gives us an early Chinese 20th century glimpse of how one of the iconic figures faces a public challenge. You can listen on the web browser : https://tw...
  TW Smith author