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  191: Exhibiting Your Art with Gina-Marie Cincinnati

Gina-Marie Cincinnati returns to talk about exhibiting your art.
  Art Supply Posse author

  190: Art Journalling Round Table Discussion

Kim chats with three other artists about art journalling. Previous guests are Kylie O'Grady, Uncle Frogface, and first time guest Car Rose.
  Art Supply Posse author

  189: The Incognito Art Show

The Incognito Art Show is a unique annual art show that is open to all artists. Incognito means that artists names are kept secret until after their artwork has been sold. This means that the majority of people purchase art based on what they like rath...
  Art Supply Posse author

  188: How to Art Journal Part Two

Kim continues her series on how to art journal. This time looking at art supplies and what to put in the journal.
  Art Supply Posse author

  187: Weaving and Spinning with Samantha Gehrmann

Samantha Gehrmann chats about spinning, weaving, and photography.

  186: Museum Visit - The Art Institute of Chicago

Kim talks about artworks that made an impression on her during a visit to The Art Institute of Chicago. We would like to hear your experiences with artworks. Record them on your phone and send them to us. Email at the end of the podcast, or via private...
  Art Supply Posse author

  185: Wildly Creative with Uncle Frogface aka Sean Southerland

Sean Southerland, a.k.a. Uncle Frogface, is creative across a wide variety of art forms. Sean chats about the difference between creativity and productivity, and how art helped him overcome a debilitating illness. Find Sean everywhere online under his ...
  Art Supply Posse author

  184: Chocolate Inspired Art with Jessica Tivendale

Jessica Tivendale creates handmade chocolate bars and uses the different flavours to inspire her visual art work. For example, chocolate flavour notes inspire colour palettes.
  Art Supply Posse author

  183: Biennale with Gina Marie Cincinnati

Gina Marie Cincinnati returns to chat about her experiences being selected to exhibit her art at the XIV Florence Biennale, and what's involved in shipping artworks internationally.
  Art Supply Posse author

  182: Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden creates surprising and dark images that feel like paintings, but are manipulated photos featuring herself playing different characters.