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  Brandy Myers | The Canal Killer Connection

Thirteen year old Brandy Lynn Myers left her apartment building, walked through her neighborhood, and never came home. Twenty three years later, a witness came forward who broke the case open and nine years after that, her suspected killer broke his si...
  Crimelines LLC author

  Dolores Alliotts and Joan Davis | Navigating Advocacy

In April of 2010, an elderly woman living alone was murdered in her home. Four months later, another elderly woman living alone was murdered in her home. In both cases, the houses were then set on fire.  New information has been released by the cold ca...
  Crimelines LLC author

  Robert Cantor | Circumstantial Hate

When Robert Cantor was killed, everyone know who did it. Or they thought they did. Pressure was put on the police to solve the case but in spite of their best efforts, everything was just circumstantial. Would it be enough for a jury? This case is solv...
  Crimelines LLC author

  Announcement! Listen & Read Show notes

Too long; didn't listen version: Who: YOU  (and Crimelines, True Crime Bullsh**, and True Crime Cases with Lanie) What: A vacation to South America including local food markets, wineries, a cable car tour of Santiago, views of the highest peak in the ...
  Crimelines LLC author

  Kay Mortensen | False Suspects

After the 2009 murder of a man in Payson, Utah and the theft of several of his guns, the police narrowed in on their suspects and made arrests. But one phone call flipped the entire case upside down.  This case is solved. Case Timeline Chile and Argen...
  Crimelines LLC author

  Bianca Carrasco | Missing in Texas

In 2016, Bianca Carrasco was taking her independence back after separating from her husband Joe Daniel. But he said she stormed off after an argument, and he never heard from her again. And since then, her family has been asked: Where is Bianca?  Anyon...

  Makeva Jenkins | Home Intruder

Makeva Jenkins worked for everything she had in life, pulling her family out of poverty through working multiple jobs and running her own business. Soon, she was on social media sharing her rags-to-riches story but when she was murdered, some wondered ...
  Crimelines LLC author

  Listen Now: Happily Never After: Dan & Nancy

Nancy Brophy fills her novels with romantic betrayals and murder. It’s a far cry from her quiet life in the suburbs, where she and her chef husband, Dan, are living out their golden years. But when Dan is shot dead, Nancy finds herself at the center of...
  Crimelines LLC author

  Dolly Hearn & Jennifer Corbin | Leaving Dr. Bart Corbin

After her controlling husband turned physically abusive, Jennifer Corbin was looking to get out of the marriage. What she didn’t know was that 14 years before another woman tried to leave him. The two women who never met would forever have their names ...
  Crimelines LLC author

  Steven Watkins | A Father's Love

Travel SURVEY:  Steve Watkins showed up to pick his daughter up for court ordered visitation just two days bfore Thanksgiving in 2008. The following day was a court hearing where he hoped to get more pa...
  Crimelines LLC author