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  107: Pixelated Persons

This week Jaclyn & Kyle catch up on streamlining UI, building landing pages in Hubspot CMS, first impressions of Tailwind, and auto-layout in Figma. Also, we reminisce as we say adieu to Kyle and his tenure on Tentative. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿฅฒ
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  106: Note-n-Map 'n Stuff

This week Jaclyn & Kyle discuss neglecting your backlog, the emotions around a design sprint, and changes to the design and development team structure at thoughtbot. Become a Sponsor (https://thoughtbot.com/sponsorship) of Tentative!
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  105: User Focused (Nelsy Hubb)

Nelsy Hubb, Product Manager at Neocova, joins Jaclyn to discuss engaging with outside partners, maintaining a design system, customer feedback, trusting your subject matter experts, design debt, and many, many allusions to The Lord of the Rings. Neocov...
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  104: The Phone is Back!

To wrap up our year, this week Kyle & Jaclyn run a retro for 2020. So put on those comfy pants and join us while they reflect on their most used tools, new amenities, and favorite hobbies of the year; as well as air some behind the scenes goodness....
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  103: If We Don't, Who Will? (Lloyd Bennett)

Lloyd Bennett, designer at thoughtbot London, joins the show to discuss Tones & Shades, his new digital magazine, as well as designing a brand identity, prototyping early in the design process, and animating with intent. This episode is brought to ...
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  102: Automation is the Goal (Adekunle Oduye)

Adekunle Oduye, UX Engineer at Mailchimp, discusses working on a design-system team, setting goals for 2021, storing documentation in Figma, and conducting user research for design systems. This episode is brought to you by: ExpressVPN (https://www.exp...
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  101: Unconsulting (Ryan Rumsey)

Ryan Rumsey, founder & CEO of Second Wave Dive, discusses building programs that solve systems problems through design thinking, and struggling with critique. This episode is brought to you by ExpressVPN (https://www.expressvpn.com/tentative). Clic...
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  100: Who We Are as Designers (Senongo Akpem)

Senongo Akpem, author of Cross-Cultural Design, joins the show to discuss design in civic-tech, ways to include cross-cultural design thinking into short engagements, staying dedicated to long-term projects, and memories of Dreamweaver. This episode is...
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  99: Organic Backlog Gardening (Erin May & JH Forster)

From User Interviews, Erin May (VP Growth & Marketing) & JH Forster (VP Product) join the show to discuss hiring during Covid, onboarding remotely, using GitHub for documentation, backlog management, managing team morale while remote, and work...
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  98: Think About the Edge Cases (Hannah Yang)

Hannah Yang, Product Manager of Provider Experience at Oscar Health Insurance, joins us to discuss feature prioritization during COVID, designing towards a KPI goal, customer relationships at small & large companies, qualitative vs quantitative dat...
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