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  30th March 1939: Batman makes his first appearance when Detective Comics #27 went goes on sale

Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and first appeared in a story called ‘The Case of the Chemical Syndicate’ along with Commissioner ...
  Scott Allsop author

  26th March 1945: Battle of Iwo Jima ends after US Marines officially secure the island from the Japanese Imperial Army during the War in the Pacific

The US invasion of Iwo Jima, known as ‘Operation Detachment’, led to five weeks of fierce fighting between around 21,000 Japanese troops and 110,000 ...
  Scott Allsop author

  24th March 1721: Johann Sebastian Bach dedicates the Brandenburg Concertos to Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg-Schwedt

The concertos may have never even been performed because Christian Ludwig didn’t have good enough musicians to play the complex ...
  Scott Allsop author

  22nd March 1621: Hugo Grotius, the Dutch legal scholar, escapes imprisonment in Loevestein Castle concealed inside a book chest

Grotius was permitted to have books sent to him in prison, and these were transported in a large chest. Over time his guards became less vigilant regarding the chest’s contents which led his wife and maid-servant to propose a plan to smuggle him out by...
  Scott Allsop author

  19th March 1962: Bob Dylan, the American singer-songwriter, releases his eponymous debut album

Only two tracks on Dylan’s debut album were his own compositions and it failed to hit the Billboard 100. The album sold less than 5,000 copies in its first year and earnt Dylan the nickname ‘Hammond’s Folly’ from record ...
  Scott Allsop author

  16th March 1968: My Lai Massacre committed by US soldiers from Company C of the Americal Division’s 11th Infantry Brigade

Commanded by Lieutenant William Calley, the troops killed between 347 and 504 unarmed civilians in hamlets around the South Vietnamese village of Son ...
  Scott Allsop author

  14th March 1950: The FBI first publishes its list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

What made the FBI’s list unique was that it brought dangerous fugitives to nationwide attention. The development of the internet has made the list’s reach global, though it is still an exclusively ...
  Scott Allsop author

  10th March 1876: Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful telephone call when he contacts his assistant, Thomas Watson

It was while in Boston that Bell’s experiments with sound waves and electricity led to his development of a telegraph-like system to transmit the vibrations associated with ...
  Scott Allsop author

  6th March 1869: Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev presents his periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society

While Mendeleev’s approach led to there being some gaps or spaces in ‘periods’ where he believed an element should exist, he was able to calculate the missing element’s atomic mass and ...
  Scott Allsop author

  4th March 1789: US Congress meets for the first time, and the United States Constitution goes into effect

The Congress met in New York City, but the 18th Century’s slow forms of transport meant that many of the members didn’t arrive in time for the scheduled start ...
  Scott Allsop author